5 Genres A Kathryn Bernardo-Nadine Lustre Movie Team-Up Would Devour

Star Cinema and Viva are taking notes as we speak ✍️.

TBH, the world might not be ready for the slayage that could come from this project.

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In the world of wish casting that netizens want to see become reality, few are as hyped as a movie starring Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre. Superstars in their own right, Kath and Nadine have yet to appear in a project together (a travesty, if you ask us) save for the variety show appearance or Christmas ID Station. 

As some of the biggest actresses in the country, their combined effort in one project is a pop culture moment in itself. Two award-winning actresses starring in one movie? It has blockbuster written all over it. While Kathryn and Nadine working together for a movie has yet to manifest, we have a few ideas on what we think would fit this historic project that would have netizens shaking in their boots if it ever were a reality. 



Picture this, Kathryn and Nadine play secret agents sent around the Philippines to eliminate key targets. We’re already giddy just thinking about it. Action flicks aren’t exclusive to men, and these two can definitely carry a big-budget blockbuster as they kick ass and take names. Whether as spies, assassins, superheroes, or even regular people, we feel Nadine and Kathryn are up to the task of dominating high-octane energy on the silver screen.



Kathryn and Nadine made their bread and butter through rom-coms. So, if ever these two would work together for a movie, it feels like a no-brainer that it would be a rom-com. They have the chops to pull it off and succeed in a genre they are well-versed in. To this day, people still talk about Kathryn and Nadine’s rom-coms as the standard. Imagine how iconic it would be if these two actresses came together for one movie. We fear the Philippines isn’t ready for that. 



TBH, having them just star in a drama with an interesting plot is enough to secure sold-out showings. Just watch any of their past movies, and you’ll see why this would be right up their alley. And while Kathryn and Nadine would devour a romantic drama, we would like to see more of a Thelma & Louise or Moral style film centering on confident, multi-faceted, and dynamic female leads with a compelling story to tell that touches upon important issues. The tour de force acting Kath and Nadine will deliver might as well sweep awards season and snatch all the trophies. 



As seen in their recent projects, Kathryn and Nadine are no strangers to dark themes and plotlines that shock audiences. So, why not give the people what they want and have the two star in a horror movie? The genre is in their acting DNA, and it would be a surefire hit to see these actresses duke it out with the supernatural, physical, extraterrestrial, or whatever other type of danger. Or, if the producers really want to gag us, they can have Nadine and/or Kathryn be the villains. 



Watch A Very Good Girl and Roadkillers, and you’ll see why this is on the list. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or in this case two. It would be a must-see moment in modern Philippine entertainment history to see two of the industry’s best actresses play characters set out on an unapologetically bold tale of revenge and reclamation that delivers on the tension and emotion. Merriam-Webster would probably have to invent a stronger word than mother if this was to become a reality. 

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