5 Reasons To Tune In To Nadine Lustre’s New Action Thriller Series ROADKILLERS

5 Reasons To Tune In To Nadine Lustre’s New Action Thriller Series ROADKILLERS

Stacey's on the run.

Nadine Lustre stars as a woman pushed to her limits to do whatever it takes in action thriller Roadkillers, streaming on Prime Video starting November 30. Here’s why we’re tuned in.

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We are so here for Nadine Lustre’s action-horror-suspense-mystery-thriller era. The 30-year old star has proven time after time that she’s able to take on a multitude of genres, earning herself a shelf chock-full of acting awards, from FAMAS Awards to a Gawad Urian. This time, she’s putting on her action-star boots and playing Stacey in Roadkillers, her first series since 2017. Stacey is a young woman pushed to the edge, embarking on a thrilling chase after a series of unfortunate events unfold—but is she the one chasing or being chased?

Roadkillers is a four-episode action-thriller series streaming on Prime Video starting November 30. It looks to be suspenseful and thrilling, featuring strong performances and a compelling story that has yet to unravel once the series airs its first two episodes on the 30th. In four episodes, we’ll learn why Stacey has a dead body in her car (and why it was stolen from her trunk), what happened with her father, what the shady deal she made was, what she’s running away from (or towards), and what in God’s name is truly going on. Here’s a few more reasons why we’re tuned in to Roadkillers.


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Clearly a driven, spunky, and resolute young woman, Nadine’s Stacey takes on a whole slew of physical and emotional challenges in the series. From chasing down her enemies to jumping out of windows, pointing guns at bound-up people to carrying a corpse, Nadine is giving very much action star in Roadkillers, and we simply can’t wait to see her show off her rage, her range, and her stellar acting chops.


Redemption or retribution? Are you still at fault when you’ve run out of options? Is she the hunter or is she the prey? These are the questions presented to us in the teasers and trailers—the released clips give us only a glimpse into the thrilling story, pulling us into Stacey’s world of violence, desperation, and intrigue.


Filmmaker Rae Red wrote and directed the series. Rae is known for writing and directing crime thriller Babae at Baril (2019) and earning multiple awards for the film such as a Gawad Urian 2020 Best Cinematography award. She also co-wrote Birdshot (2016) and upcoming Nadine Lustre-starrer Nokturno with cousin Mikhail Red.

Rae has a penchant for the thriller genre, as well as for presenting harsh societal realities and the the complexity and power of women in films, thereby challenging the status quo and bringing something new to the fore. With the rise in popularity of women-led revenge films and the “final girl” concept, Roadkillers might just be a treat for those of us who love to watch a woman take the reins, kick butt, and look awesome while doing it.


A central relationship in Roadkillers is that between Stacey and her father, a bond that leads to Stacey doing unspeakable things to fulfill a promise. While we don’t know the whole story yet, we can assume all the events that transpire revolve around the two characters and that Stacey will do anything to do right by the people she loves.


Helmed by Rae Red, starring Nadine, Jerome Ponce, Bodjie Pascua, Francis Magundayao, and Elia Ilano, with cinematography by the award-winning Tey Clamor, known for 2019 films Babae at Baril and Metamorphosis, the action-packed and emotionally-charged Roadkillers looks to be a visual and narrative gem, with distinct style and tone creating an eerie, mysterious vibe that’ll get us glued to the edge of our seats.

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