These Gen Z Stars Will Give You Inspo For That Perfect Promposal

Will you go to prom with me?

Star Magic’s first-ever prom is right around the corner. And that means promposals from our favorite Gen Z love teams.

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March means a lot of things to many people. It’s the start of summer, finals month, or International Women’s Month. But to some, March is also the start of prom season, the coming together that serves as a highlight for many high school students. It’s a night to dress up and spend it with that special someone, by yourself or with your friends, no one’s judging. With so many memorable moments one can get out of high school, prom sits near the top of experiences most students want to do. Even stars aren’t immune to the prom fever, which is why, for the very first time, Star Magic is set to hold their very own prom.

With their roster of young artists, Star Magic is letting their stars experience the whole prom fantasy on March 30. (For the fans, don’t worry, as it will be live-streamed on YouTube.) But as we save the date, some of the young Kapamilya love teams have already been embarking on the time-old tradition of promposals. In case you didn’t know, a promposal is basically a proposal, but for proms. A person asks their special someone, whether it be through an elaborate set up or a simple get together, to be their date to the prom. These promposals are meant to be showcases of one’s love to that person they hold dear in their heart.

No prom season is complete without promposals. So, if you are or know someone who is looking to prompose, you may want to take some notes from these stars.


Ever since the two have been paired as an official love team, Seth has gone above and beyond to make Francine feel special. Case in point, he brought her to Cavite just so he could prompose to her. Seth went all out with the outdoor celebration he planned, laying out on the grassy field flowers and candles that spelled out the promposal. Naturally, Francine reacted with surprise and gleeful shook to the gesture as she accepted the invitation. And if that wasn’t enough, the two then ended the night with dinner and a fireworks display.


Promposing on live national television? Now that’s a move. Aljon and Jayda are officially in love team territory following the premiere of Teen Clash. Their special friendship has been making fans go crazy, and they got an extra dose of kilig as Aljon promposed to Jayda on It’s Showtime. He came prepared with a bouquet and a teddy bear as Jayda accepted the surprise invitation. What makes it even better is that this will be Jayda’s first-ever prom since she was home-schooled and entered showbiz at a young age.


For a bit, Harvey got Bianca shook there when he made her think that her stuff was missing during the middle of a shoot. In reality, it was his way of getting her into the perfect promposal spot as he asked her to be his date underneath the night sky. Now that’s how you pull off a prank-turned-promposal.


Kobie Brown took making harana that special someone to the next level. After asking Andie’s mom for her permission, Kobie planned to prompose to Andie during the Teen Clash screening. A bold move, but one he pulled off as he sang Mabagal by Daniel Padilla and Moira dela Torre in front of a packed theater. Grabbing Andie’s hand, Kobie led her down to the main floor where he popped the question, to which she said yes. Not everyone can make that public of a promposal, which is what makes the KoDrea love team so special.


Brent Manalo not only stars in the music video for Vivoree’s Matapang single, but he also took it to heart. Vivoree initially thought that she was just doing a mall show. But little did she know that Brent was also there, ready to prompose to her. He came down the escalator, bouquet in hand, to Vivoree’s surprise. He then asked her if she would go to the prom with him. She said yes, of course. It’s a simple promposal with an effective ending.


If there’s one word to describe Rob’s promposal to Maxine, it’s effort. First, he rode with her on a special plane ride. Then, he brought out an entire marching band and sang to her right on the airstrip. Finally, Rob brought out his guitar for a special song and asked Ms. Trinidad to be his date at the prom. Naturally, Maxine was honored to be Mr. Blackburn’s date.


Who says that men are the only ones allowed to propose in a promposal? Given that this was Gabb’s first-ever prom, she wanted to make it special, and that included being unique. So, she was the one who planned the promposal. After their duet during their show, Luke thought that he and Gabb were just going to answers some questions. In reality, Gabb planned to have the question projected to the LED screen as she asked him to be her date to the prom. The sweet answer of yes came shortly. So, to all the ladies out there, don’t be shy to make the first move.


While promposals are indeed sweet, admittedly, proposing to someone, whether it be in public or private, can bring a lot of unwarranted pressure on the other party to say yes. Sometimes, saying no is alright. Just take a look at what happened with Criza and Josh Worsley. After their helicopter ride, Josh asked Criza to be his prom date. But, Criza said no because she already saw herself going to the prom by herself. Still, she opened the door for the two to hang out during the event. Props to Criza for knowing what she wants and reminding us that it’s more than ok to go to prom alone or just with friends. Prom is for everyone, after all.

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