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All The Little Details We Love From Francine Diaz’s Encanto-Inspired Birthday Surprise

We don't talk about Bruno, no, no. ?

Francine is literally Isabela. Everywhere she goes, she makes the flowers bloom. ?

Just when you thought her birthday week was over, Francine Diaz gets an enchanting surprise from Dra. Vicki Belo. As one of her new muses, she went all out and decided to give the rising superstar her much-deserved moment. And on her 18th, Francine had the sweetest surprise when Belo transformed their house into a lush garden of flowers inspired by the Casita, the magical home in Disney’s animated film, Encanto.

“We turned our house into Casita Belo (like the one in the movie Encanto) for Ate @francinesdiaz birthday,” writes Scarlet Snow Belo’s official Instagram account. More than bringing the charm and spirit of family together in their home, it’s the little details that surprised us above everything else. Read more below to see the tiny deets you might have missed in Francine’s birthday surprise!

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belo francine diaz birthday surprise

The set designers at La Belle Fete did a great job subtly incorporating the butterfly elements of Encanto in Francine’s birthday surprise. Even the necklace she was wearing also had those tiny charms!


belo francine diaz birthday surprise

The florists could’ve just stuck to Isabela’s pink and white flowers, but they decided to sprinkle some actual references from the movie by including the ones from her creative outburst with Mirabel.


belo francine diaz birthday surprise

Francine deserves her own door like the rest of the characters of Encanto. Even the other details of the cake like the patterns seen in the movie were also on point.


belo francine diaz birthday surprise

Make way for Señora Perfecta! We honestly can’t keep count of the many times we’ve said that Francine Diaz needs princess roles in the future, especially now that we’ve seen her as Isabela Madrigal, too.

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