With ‘FLOWER,’ Jisoo Gave Us Another Breakup Anthem To Obsess Over

She mothered a little too hard here.

Brb, just going to add Jisoo’s ME to our playlist.

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This may be a controversial opinion, but Jisoo has often been underestimated since BLACKPINK made their debut. Haters like to say that she offers little to the group. But clearly, Jisoo always gets the last laugh as she firmly stands as one of the biggest K-pop idols in the world. From music, fashion, acting, and more, Jisoo has proven herself worthy. And now, after years of waiting, the eldest member of BLACKPINK finally joins her sisters in releasing solo material. The wait was worth it with ME.


Serving as the lead single off ME, FLOWER is Jisoo’s take on a breakup anthem. Using floral metaphors, her signature vocals lay the groundwork for a story of a woman who feels cheated and taken for granted in a relationship. But now that he’s out of her life, she’s ready to blossom. While FLOWER is a pop song, it’s sonically not as busy as compared to the rest of BP’s discography.


But its relatively minimalist production and well-made yet spicy anti-drop in the chorus make for a unique and easy listen. No trap beats and no loud beat drops. It’s all Jisoo. After all, the single album is called ME, and this is the solo music Jisoo wants to put out in the world. She gave minimalist pop, with the more upbeat sound found in the equally banging second song, the bouncy All Eyes On Me.


Considering how FLOWER is all about blooming into your own person, it was to be expected that Jisoo transforms into that pop star we all know her to be. And that she did in the song’s music video that could serve as a fashion film. In three minutes, Jisoo serves look after look after look that could make fashion week jealous.

Add to that killer choreography in the chorus and Jisoo’s natural acting skills, you got all the makings for a banger of a music video. She moves through the visual with the confidence and bravado that a veteran like her would possess. You can bet YG Entertainment built that street set from the ground up just for Jisoo to realize her creative vision.

Jisoo in the FLOWER music video.

Jisoo came to serve with her solo debut, and she succeeded. We can already imagine how the live stage is going to look like when she performs it at the music shows and Coachella. The era of Jisoo is here, and it’s time to bow down and give her the flowers she’s due.

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