Rep Your Colors Proudly: Flormar Has Arrived in the Philippines


Makeup isn’t always just about beauty. Sometimes it’s about making a statement, and Flormar is ready to help you show your truest colors

Whether it’s carefully color-coordinated streaks of eyeliner or a dashing pair of glossy lips, the iconic beauty look of your dreams needs an equally-iconic cosmetic brand to make it happen. Crafted essentially for all shades of skin and all manner of quirky personalities, Flormar has arrived in the Philippines to support every young Filipina in making their bold statement. Check out what this young trademark is all about right now.


Let’s get unapologetic

Here’s one undeniable fact: everyone loves incorporating a little piece of their personality into everything they wear. While a lot of us do that with clothes, there’s nothing quite like expressing yourself with a tastefully-coordinated makeup look that just screams your overall vibe for the day. 

Luckily enough, there is one beauty brand that isn’t just crafting the highest quality products out there today, but also tailors each of their offerings to allow young women to add a tinge of authenticity, as well as a pop of color to each of their OOTDs. The name of this trailblazing brand is Flormar, and they recently arrived in the Philippines to bring their most beloved products—from the Kiss Me More Lipstick to the Waterproof Eyeliner—right to your beauty kit, ASAP.

Exploring the slices of life

As this Turkey-based brand shifts its focus towards our generation, Flormar has looked to enrich and expand its spectrum of colors to help young women capture the various moods they feel on a daily basis and put it on display for the whole world to see. From quirky to melodramatic, the opportunities for making unapologetic expression with Flormar are endless.

Being a young person at this day and age is challenging enough. With the onset of a crazy pandemic, the difficulty levels can get dizzying pretty quickly. This is why it’s never been more important to not just be aware of your feelings, but to also express it in any which way you can. Luckily, Flormar is ready to support you as you translate your message into a fiercely beautiful statement piece.

For more information visit Flormar at their official website for the latest updates.