100 Million Club: Filipino Music Videos That Definitely Made A Mark

Quintessential OPM anthems.

With over 100 million views and counting, these are the Filipino music videos that have become an indelible part of the lives of Pinoys.

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Filipinos love music. And almost always, music loves them back. Whether going to a karaoke session with the barkada, getting senti in the shower, making covers that gets noticed by their idols, or just blasting off an OPM playlist, music is and will always be a part of the Pinoys’ way of life. 

And sometimes, this love and passion manifests by playing the music videos from their favorite artists on YouTube on an endless loop just to satisfy their musical cravings. Nothing can beat singing your hearts out to some relatable lyrics and an LSS-inducing melody while watching a compelling cinematic story. Below, we rounded up all the Filipino music videos that have been viewed a whopping hundred million times (and counting!), which have become enduring Pinoy anthems.

Tala by Sarah Geronimo

Remember when Sarah Geronimo’s Tala found its renaissance in late 2019 and early 2020 just before the pandemic hit? Well, just a quick refresher, it was all started by a group of gay volleyball players (aka the Bessy family) who used Tala to appease the distressed landlord Aling Nelia. Some thousands of views later, Tala became a viral dance craze and the national anthem at the time. Years have already passed and Tala‘s allure has never waned. It has become a timeless pop classic and everyone’s go-to party song. Its music video is now viewed almost 200 million times, proving the Popstar Royalty status of Sarah G.

Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig and Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw by December Avenue

When it comes to heartbreaking (and -mending) OPM songs, the five-piece alternative rock band December Avenue has always been successful in wringing out some tender emotions from the Filipinos’ hearts. And if there are songs from them that will show how romantic (and emotionally sadistic) Filipinos are, it would easily be Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig and Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw, which featured hugot queen herself, Moira dela Torre. Released just a year apart, these two ballads have both proven to be hits, with their music videos garnering over a hundred million views each. Heart-rending music with an equally painful visual story? Hopeless romantic Pinoys can totally relate.

Buwan by Juan Karlos

The song that catapulted The Voice Kids alum JK Labajo to stardom, Buwan’s impact really needs no explanation. With Labajo’s impassioned vocals and arresting lyrical poetry, Buwan captured Filipinos’ hearts in 2018 and has never let go ever since. It was so much of a sensation that it spurred a viral challenge where people attempt to sing the song in full glory. Buwan also hits different today knowing that JK Labajo and Maureen Wroblewitz, who both star in the song’s MV that has over 164 million views, have parted ways. Nevertheless, Buwan will always occupy a special place in Pinoy’s playlist, especially for when they want to release some pent-up emotions.

Sana by I Belong to the Zoo

What’s your greatest sana? A lot of Filipinos have been made to ruminate on this so hard by I Belong To The Zoo’s heart-wrenching single, Sana. In its music video that you should watch at your own risk, the five-member indie pop rock band blesses your ears with some calming melody while simultaneously wrecking your hearts with its lyrics. But since the song is yet again another painful romantic piece, the innately marupok Pinoys said yes and cried on the Sana music video for almost 180 million times now.

Hayaan Mo Sila and Ikaw Kase by Ex Battalion

If you’ve been on a jeepney ride once or twice, you’ve probably banged (or subtly nodded) your heads to the hard-hitting beats of Ex Battalion’s smash-hit singles Hayaan Mo Sila and Ikaw Kase. Yes, some legendary music from Ex B for the king of the highway. Not only does the Pinoy hip-hop collective dominate the streets, but online, Ex Battalion also proves the legends that they are with their simple yet relatable music videos (which ranges from seven to eight minutes) that surely appeals to the Filipinos, all 100 million of them.

Ikaw by Yeng Constantino

With 129 million views, the music video for Yeng Constantino’s Ikaw is the most viewed content on ABS-CBN Star Music’s Youtube channel. And perhaps you’ve also sung this catchy romantic classic in the karaoke a million times already, and there’s no shame in that. A mix of heart-piercing words and a dreamy, melancholy MV, Ikaw has been hurting Filipinos (in the best way possible) for eight years now.

Araw araw Love by Flow G

Ex Battalion member, rapper, and Awit Award nominee Flow G has also been faring greatly in his solo career and music. Like Araw araw Love, which, even if it was released during the pandemic, has now been played on repeat millions of times. With Flow G’s sharp lyrics and song’s enticing upbeat mood, Araw araw Love is the romantic rap song that you should play next.

Dance With You and Lagi by Skusta Clee

Another Ex B member and Pinoy rapper that’s been consistently making noise in the local trap scene is Skusta Clee. Proving his skill in melding fire beats and lyrics and his versatile talent are his two songs, which have triumphed online. His Father’s Day dedication song, Lagi, has now been played over 106 million times while his hip-hop track Dance With You featuring Yuri Dope is currently the most viewed Filipino music video with over 200 million views.

BONUS: Iñigo Pascual’s Dahil Sa’yo Lyric Video

While it’s not the song’s official music video, the lyric video of Iñigo Pascual’s spirited track Dahil Sa’yo is worth including on this list for three reasons. Firstly, the video, which has Pascual in a studio killing it and having a good time, has now amassed over 109 million views and is still counting. Secondly, and more importantly, Dahil Sa’yo is an ageless bop that’s been a mainstay of Filipinos’ party playlist. And of course, you deserve to take some pause and just listen to some mood-boosting music.

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