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It’s The Sit Down: Blackpink Is Seated In This Filipino Designer’s Chair

Blackpink Filos just shut it down.

Filipino industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue revealed that he collaborated with Blackpink for their photoshoot last year.

If you’re an interior design geek, you’ve probably seen photos of those whimsical swivel chairs that look like something out of an Alice in Wonderland set. The intricacy of the undulating folds of the fabric sculpted all the way from the center of the seat make the furniture piece resemble that of a flower in bloom. Welcome to Kenneth Cobonpue’s world—award-winning industrial designer that’s one of Cebu’s homegrown creatives known for integrating natural materials like abaca and rattan in his pieces. No wonder K-Pop group Blackpink (along with his long list of high profile clientele) noticed his works and collaborated with him for their year-ender photoshoot in 2021.

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With its profound beauty, the Bloom chair one now stands as one of Kenneth’s signature and enduring pieces. The collaboration is definitely as magical as it sounds like with Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé all dressed up like real-life fairies and angels while sitting on the gigantic flower-like work of art in a garden.

kenneth cobonpue blackpink filipino
kenneth cobonpue blackpink filipino
kenneth cobonpue blackpink filipino
kenneth cobonpue blackpink filipino

We won’t be surprised if Blackpink’s Filipino fans would add this one-of-a-kind functional art piece, especially since the group’s about to embark on their world tour in the Philippines on March 2023. You can check out the Bloom chair on Kenneth Cobonpue’s site here.

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