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Filipina Queens Saweetie and H.E.R. Reach For The Sky In New Single, ‘Closer’

We love to see Filipinas linking up!

Saweetie and H.E.R. officially welcome us to the Sinigang Gang in the ‘Closer’ MV. Get ready for takeoff ’cause it’s gonna be a long ride.

The song of the summer is here, all thanks to Filipino-American queens Saweetie and H.E.R. The retro disco bop has already been booming on TikTok not only because of its catchy hook that reminds us to have a good time, but also because of the gorgeous Icy Airlines PR package that the duo’s been sending out to only the baddest girls. It’s the first time that we’ve seen the two work together, and it’s been long-awaited, especially for their Filipino fans. Oh, did you peep H.E.R.’s Philippine flag pin on her jacket?

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“#SINIGANGGANG ??,” she captions in a photo of her and Saweetie. In Closer, the Grammy-nominated queens hop on and off from one continent to another, jet-setting with their girlfriends only in the coldest ‘fits. H.E.R.’s fine as silk vocals and Icy girl’s tongue-in-cheek bars are enough to set the runway ablaze. Closer now has over nine million views and two million streams on Spotify, as it should. Purr. If you’ve watched the post-Valentine track’s music video, you’ll also see that they’ve made a round trip to the Philippines virtually and played tennis in a tropical jungle. This is as close to them visiting the country though due to COVID restrictions, but fret not, because these homegirls have always showed love for their homeland.

@victoriagarrick @officialsaweetie ♬ original sound – Victoria Garrick

Saweetie really outdid herself this time. For the girls who spent Galentines, her Icy Airlines PR package got us wanting for more. A suitcase complete with the Icy Airlines cover that has the Closer sweats, a neck pillow, MAC mini makeup products, a Pretty B*tch kit that contains mouthwash, condoms, and intimacy wipes, an embroidered bathrobe and of course, the Icy necklace. We’ll take ’em all for the first class flight please.

H.E.R. and Saweetie, who were both raised by Filipino parents and love lumpia equally are on a roll *pun intended*, and it’s just the beginning of the year. H.E.R. was introduced as a character on Blue’s Clues (that’s also hosted by another Fil-Am, Joshua dela Cruz), she’s been cast in the movie, The Color Purple along with the likes of Taraji Henson and Halle Bailey and has seven Grammy nominations this 2022. Saweetie on the other hand’s been on solo flight mode, collaborating with disco icon Cher, running for Best New Artist and Best Rap Song in this year’s Grammy’s and is set to drop her new album Pretty B-tch Music this year. We love to see Filipinas linking up!

You can watch the music video for Saweetie’s Closer ft. H.E.R below:

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