Feeling Cold? SB19 Gives You A Warm Embrace With ‘Nyebe’

Someone's cutting onions.

SB19 hopes to keep you company and bring you comfort amid life’s uncertainties and anxieties with their new profound ballad, Nyebe.

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After a successful international run of their WYAT World Tour, SB19 made their Philippine comeback with their debut at 88rising’s jam-packed Head In The Clouds Manila concert. On December 9, 2022, Pablo, Stell, Ken, Justin, and Josh turned the heat up onstage with their fiery performances of WYAT and Bazinga. They also serenaded the crowd with a moving rendition of their hit single MAPA.

But the most exciting highlight of their HITC stint was the presentation of their new track called Nyebe, giving the lucky A’TIN concert attendees a first glimpse to their latest passionate and emotional single. And now that the P-Pop kings have released it on all streaming platforms, with an equally moving visualizer to match, we can all seek comfort amid the coldness and anxieties that this world gives with Nyebe.


“What is uncertainty? What is longing? What is hopelessness?” Nyebe’s official visualizer begins, setting the pensive mood that runs throughout the song’s duration. Released on December 12, 2022, Nyebe is described as a “ballad that encapsulates warmth, longing, and sadness in a track.” And indeed it is, as the music contemplates life’s negativities and anxieties that sometimes leave us cold, it feels like SB19 gives us a warm hug telling us that eventually, it will all melt away.

The song’s visuals, with footage brought together by the people behind the WYAT international tour, is as powerfully evocative as Nyebe’s lyrics. In striking black and white, expressive shots of places that SB19 went to, including some meditative images of the boys together, match the somewhat melancholic and redemptive tone of the song. Add to that SB19’s soulful and impassioned voices, then you get a listening experience that will ease all of the coldness you feel inside and leave you with a ton of feels, even teary-eyed. 

As with MAPA, SB19’s leader Pablo is also the songwriter behind Nyebe and the creative director of its lyric video. “Nasulat ko siya two years ago, at the height of the pandemic and bago mag-Pasko,” shares Pablo in SB19’s WYAT homecoming concert media conference. Getting inspiration from the “calming” and “hopeful” gospel music genre, Pablo explains that he wrote the music amid the feelings of hopelessness and uncertainties during the pandemic when some families celebrated the holidays while being separated from each other. 

“I was thinking about the feeling of hopelessness, knowing and accepting that things are changing too fast,” adds Pablo in a press release. “Time doesn’t stop, things around us happen so fast. At the end of the day, matutunaw rin ang Nyebe (the snow will eventually melt away and fade). We just have to live with it and pray, there is always a ray of hope.”

Apart from a new track, SB19 has also revealed that they will be releasing a new album called Pagtatag next year and will be followed by another tour. And on December 18, Filipino A’TIN will once again be gathered at the Araneta Coliseum for SB19’s homecoming concert. The most-awaited year-ender showcase will also be live streamed via as a way to reach out to local and international fans who wouldn’t be able to make it to the concert.

Meanwhile, bless your ears with some soothing music as Nyebe now streams on all music platforms.

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