5 Times Fans Got Their Faves On A Times Square Billboard

Times Square takeover.

Bringing “eh di sana pina-billboard mo” to a whole new level.

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It’s no secret that Filipinos are some of the best fans in the world. Just look at the Trending list on Twitter, and you’ll probably find at least one local celebrity’s name in the Top 20 daily. Filipino fans go all out supporting their faves, from consuming their content, making sure their name stays trending, and even holding events in their name. But some local fandoms go above and beyond when it comes to their stanning. And that manifests in getting their faves on a billboard.

We aren’t just taking about on EDSA but in Times Square, New York, one of the most famous places in the world. Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to place your digital billboard on Times Square, so as long as you have what you want up and have the funds to pay for it. Still, it takes a certain kind of dedication, skill, and love for fans to have their faves splashed across one of the most visited intersections in the world. These aren’t major companies getting these billboards, but fans who probably made it in their rooms. Here are the few times local stars’ faces were splashed across Times Square thanks to their fans.   


Andrea’s fans are ride-or-die for their queen. So, when Blythe’s latest series, Drag You & Me, premiered in June, they made sure to celebrate the actress’s latest success. And that wasn’t through a Twitter party, but putting Blythe on a billboard in Times Square as one fan did with their digital billboard of the Gen Z superstar.


If ever stanning became an Olympic sport, we have a feeling the Bubblies, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s fandom, would be in contention for the gold medal. Just look at how they got DonBelle on Times Square not once, but twice, first in 2021 in celebration of the loveteam’s anniversary and the second in 2022.


The dedication of Darlentina stans will probably be studied by scientists in the decades to come. And while the fandom is no stranger to buying billboards for their fave girls along EDSA and other major throughways, they leveled up by having a Darlentina billboard in Times Square. In celebration of Darna’s finale back in February, fans got a digital billboard featuring the two actresses running in the heart of NYC. Naturally, the duo was more than grateful for the grand gesture.


You really are that loveteam when you get two digital billboards in Times Square even though you are less than two years old. First, KD and Alexa got that global promo when billboards for their songs, Love Led Us Here and Stay Right Here, popped up in the iconic tourist destination. Not long after that, the loveteam got another digital billboard in Times Square, this time featuring them as a couple.


Even though the ViBrent loveteam has only been going on for a few months, they’re showing potential as their dedicated stans are going hard for Vivoree and Brent. Case in point, the duo already got their own digital billboard in Times Square thanks to their stans. It really is nothing but up for ViBrent.

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