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Esnyr Ranollo Takes His School Skits To The Next Level In These Star Cinema-Approved Parodies

Move over Maxpein, there's a new transferee in Benison.

The Esnyr Ranollo cinematic universe crossing over with the characters from He’s Into Her? We’re absolutely here for it.

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When Esnyr Ranollo shot to internet fame in 2021, it was mainly due to his hilarious and solidly made TikTok videos. His skits on school life touched a nerve for many, especially at a time when schools remained closed. It was nostalgic to watch the kind of experiences Esnyr acted out for his TikTok videos, which were so simple, yet they hit at all the right spots. Nearly everything he does in his skits are done by himself, from the costumes, scripts, and editing, but still feels authentic.

His natural talent to entertain soon landed him a contract with Rise Artists Studios and future projects in the pipeline. But it’s clear that even if Esnyr has reached the mainstream, he still knows how to deliver a great school-centric skit. So much so that Star Cinema collaborated with the young content creator and actor for parodies set in the movies and projects of the famed production company.


The Star Cine-Mashups feature Esnyr Ranollo as different characters in different projects of Star Cinema. It’s basically like Esnyr’s TikTok videos, but instead, he inserts himself into different movies and shows. So far, the series has two episodes and they both are about He’s Into Her. Episode one sees Esnyr pull double duty as he plays both Max and Ysay. The parodied scene in question was when Deib confronted Ysay at the cafeteria for the photos she had of him before Max stepped in to stop the confrontation.

Featuring his signature humor, Esnyr morphed the scene so that Ysay is calling out Deib for not paying his share for the class fund. Max then comes in to chide Deib for not helping out in cleaning the classroom. He weaves himself into the storyline, making it feel that he was always meant to be in the scene. From the costumes, acting, and editing, he captures the scene perfectly. He feels like a natural on screen and in fact, Esnyr is actually set to appear in an episode of He’s Into Her season two. So, you could say these parodies are training for the real thing.

Episode two of the mashup is centered on Max going to Deib’s house for the first time for their anti-bullying project. In the parody though, Max and Deib aren’t working on the anti-bullying project. Instead, it’s for their thesis defense. Esnyr plays the role of Max and this time, he even brought along his other characters from his TikTok videos. Some of his TikTok characters have already appeared in his film debut, Love Is Color Blind, so it only feels right for the rest to appear here as well. And just like with his TikTok videos, his parodies still capture the unique struggles and experiences school brings.


Aside from the fun and wholesome nature that these videos radiate, it also shows just how far Esnyr has come in his career. It really just goes to show that talent and determination with the help of TikTok can bring you places. New episodes of Star Cine-Mashups premiere every Thursday night on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel. This week’s episode sees Esnyr enter the world of She’s Dating The Gangster, so you don’t want to miss that.

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