Esnyr Ranollo Aces That High School-To-College Transformation In This Video

You'll feel attackedt.

Esnyr Ranollo gives us another spot-on depiction of the starkly depressing difference between high school and college lives.

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TikTok’s Creator of the Year, Esnyr Ranollo, is back at it again in his newest TikTok video that pokes fun at the harsh reality of college life and how it can change, rather drastically, a high school student’s outlook. In just over a minute, Esnyr is able to accurately encapsulate school life, this time the years-long transformation of an innocent and idealist high schooler to a traumatized and emotionally destroyed college student. Just in time for the first day of full face-to-face classes in the Philippines, let’s look at some of the highlights of another spot-on school-themed content from our resident classmate that will have you saying “same.”


From getting high scores and less mistakes in the star section to just being filled with mistakes in your college test, the character arc sounds familiar right? Esnyr captures that college fighter spirit who “appreciates small things” like getting a five on a 15-item exam. We’ve seen this film before.


In his portrayal of a high schooler spoiled by her mother, Esnyr lip-syncs to Melai Cantiveros and her chicken-nugget-loving daughters’ video that has now become a meme of its own. Then comes college, and the cared-for child has turned into a depressed young adult whose source of nourishment is not full meals, but none other than the Filipino go-to meal, pancit canton.


Another hilarious high school-to-college transformation that Esnyr has perfectly depicted is that of the campus crush Kenjie, whose charm and appeal have apparently lost to the anxieties of the university. “Baka pagod lang.”


Esnyr as a depressed college student

“College life, independent life.” Setting the tone of the entire video is a freshie taking on the first day of college with unspoiled idealism. Fast-forward to who knows how many years and that idealism is crushed by some random midterms and that freshie spirit is replaced with heavy eye bags and a lot of skepticism. Relate!


Esnyr as a high school basketball player

Finally, Esnyr plays another Kenjie, a popular varsity player who peaked in high school effortlessly killing three-point shots in the court and now struggling with effort to get that pasang-awa tres in college. 

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