7 Times When Esnyr Ranollo Captured The Pinoy Teacher Spirit 

Boys at the back!

From the ever-strict to the overly disappointed teacher, Esnyr Ranollo nails the representation of our beloved second parents down to the last detail.

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Award-winning TikTok star Esnyr Ranollo, who has now been followed by over five million fans, has become a source of dopamine for many Filipinos for his accurate portrayal of the Filipino classroom experience. From the competition of different sections during Nutrition Month, chaotic group activities, to that high school puppy love everyone’s gushing about, the twenty-year-old influencer has encapsulated the Filipino student sensibility down to the last detail, and has become a nostalgia-inducing haven for pre-pandemic, high school memories. With the recent celebration of World Teachers’ Day and the National Teachers’ Month, let’s look at the best moments where Esnyr has captured the Pinoy teacher spirit. 



Madalas sila yung may matataas na rank sa candy crush💀

♬ original sound – Esnyr Ranollo – Esnyr

“Class, high school na kayo, ‘di na kayo elementary.” Sounds very familiar right? In one of Esnyr’s early iterations of the Pinoy Teacher, he plays the pamaypay-wielding, strict instructor who calls out her students for being irresponsible. In another video that will definitely make you summon some end-of-exam hallway memories, he plays that snarky proctor who reprimands a noisy group of students. “Last warning, ha, last warning,” she warns. And remember when you had an exam, comfortably seated with your best seatmate, and then *that* teacher came and ruined everything? Esnyr may have experienced that too as he perfectly portrays that authoritative, all-seeing teacher who constantly shouts, “Eyes on your paper!”



Iba yung kaba kapag pumapasok ka sa faculty😭✋🏼

♬ original sound Ranollo – Esnyr

Set in the notorious faculty, which will remind you of fear, thrill, and the awkward stares of your teachers in the Science department, there is the hospitable and seemingly good-natured Madam Josephine Castro who takes every free opportunity to make you her instant student assistant. From favors that range from buying her and the whole faculty’s meryenda to photocopying an entire book, you can’t help but say yes to a Madam Castro.



May loveteam na namumuo😩❤️

♬ original sound Ranollo – Esnyr

Have you ever shipped your MAPEH and English teachers? That’s the exact thought that Esnyr is trying to invoke with his portrayal of a long-haired adviser as she gets invited into a birthday party by a co-faculty. “Ayoko na mag-research. Kasi the moment I saw you, the search is over,” the faceless admirer says to the intense kilig of the students. 


Do you remember those instances when your teacher has intentionally, unintentionally, or jokingly offended you perhaps during a report presentation or recitation? You will when you watch Esnyr perfectly capture that moment in his videos as one of his student alter-egos, Precious, gets emotionally violated by the mapanakit Pinoy teacher not once, but twice.



Sino ba kasi nagscreenshot?😤

♬ original sound Ranollo – Esnyr

Remember the times when you had issues within your classroom? Those moments where you’re utterly quiet as your all-knowing teacher expressed their disappointments especially toward the class officers. In another effectively funny video, Esnyr tackles just that in a classroom situation where a spy has seemingly leaked some messages from the section’s private group chat to their adviser. “Ba’t nanahimik kayong lahat? Sabihan niyo na mga parent niyo, kasi ipapa-guidance ko kayo lahat,” the disappointed abaniko-flipping teacher says, as she leaves the classroom. Lagot.



Tapos tanong kayo ng tanong para maubos yung time😭

♬ FINALLY a minute long version of this – ErinSamjo

For sure you have had that chatty teacher who overflows with charisma, but also overshares, taking half of the period talking about their past romance or even just their last day’s endeavors. And for the students, well, it’s a great opportunity to sway their teacher out of the lecture and hopefully out of those dreadful quizzes and recitation until the bell rings.


@esnyrrr MAAM MAY NAG-AAWAY SA CLASSROOM #Imodium #NothingWorksFasterForDiarrhea ♬ original sound – Esnyr

And finally, in the spirit of the recent National Teachers’ Month and the World Teachers’ Day, Esnyr lets you remember those colorful and sweet moments as you prepare a surprise, even amid preparations for exams and other schoolwork, for your favorite second parent. The stressful collection of contributions for the roses, cake, and balloons, the process of choosing the song to play, and scheduling the right timing to prank your adviser with an invented reason just to let her go to your classroom. All of it to celebrate your teacher’s admirable efforts for putting up with you. 

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