With A Comeback This Good, Who Wouldn’t Want To Bite ENHYPEN?

They have the skin of a killer, Bella.

This blood pact with ENHYPEN continues to bless us with good music.

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ENHYPEN has never been one to not shy away from building special worlds with their music. They’ve crafted their unique style and identity through the messages conveyed in each album. The previous BORDER and DIMENSION series showed the seven-piece connecting to a new world and realizing their calling as they navigate complex emotions.

Through their MANIFESTO series, the band encouraged their peers to join them on their journey forward as they live a life true to themselves according to their own will. And now, marking their first comeback of 2023, the boys are back with their take on dark fantasy as their new EP, DARK BLOOD, and lead single, Bite Me, bring the listener on a journey to the dark side of ENHYPEN. And it’s a side we want to spend more time in.


While previous ENHYPEN comeback singles can often lean towards a bombastic and in-your-face sound, Bite Me differs in how minimal it is. The catchy pop track sings of a boy, who after reuniting with the one he is destined to be with, recognizes their fate to be bound by blood. Equal parts straightforward and compelling, this step away from ENHYPEN’s past music is led by strong vocals in the verses and chorus, with the oh my oh my god part being a particular standout.

It’s not what most would have expected from the group, but it shows their growth and how they aren’t afraid to play around with their sound. Some of the members also had a part in the track’s production as HEESEUNG participated in studio directing, while NI-KI contributed to the development of the track’s choreography. If ENHYPEN asks you to kiss and bite them, it’s going to be hard to say no. It’s a strong effort from the group and may just be one of their best comeback songs yet.


ENHYPEN’s visuals and stage presence always eat with the storytelling on display and Bite Me is no exception. It depicts a more mature side to themselves as seen in the inclusion of female dancers in the choreography to heighten the tension of this dance of lovers bound by blood. Over their three years of activity, ENHYPEN has demonstrated their ability to bring diverse concepts to life through visually stunning and meticulously crafted albums. This is why DARK BLOOD is filled with a diverse selection of tracks.

ENHYPEN’s new era is all about a dark love that literally goes beyond the skin. From the cinematic opening track, Fate, to the breezy R&B and Hip-Hop number, Bills, this thematic EP will get you in a mood. And while their 4th mini-album is a fantasy-like story of a boy’s ultimate sacrifice for a destined one and thematically similar to DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR, it also takes inspiration from the septet’s gratitude towards ENGENE. More than just a dark love story, this EP’s six songs are a manifestation of how deep ENHYPEN’s bond with their fans goes as they connect with them at a more intimate level. . We would say that we’re surprised that ENHYPEN delivered yet again, but we aren’t. This is the most thematic they’ve gotten with their music, a turn that suits them well.

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