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Don’t Sweat It, She Says: Notes On Festival Dressing According To Maureen Wroblewitz

She def brought the heat in Pattaya.

Stumped on what to wear for your next music festival? Let model, beauty queen, and actress Maureen Wroblewitz show her ways of living out the full fantasy in multiple style personas at Rolling Loud Thailand. 

When Maureen Wroblewitz left the hotel on final day of Rolling Loud Thailand, it was clear she was going for ease, which was a lesson learned in the first few treks to the sprawling space of art, style, and a lot of great hip-hop music. Sure, people showed up and out in their best takes on festival fashion, but with sweltering heat, little to no wind, and a dense crowd, it was clear that comfort was key. Decked out in an oversized button-down, Levi’s denim jeans with slashes at the knee, and a white tank top, the top model, beauty queen, and actress was ready to well, roll out loud at Legend Siam in Pattaya where acts like Offset and Travis Scott were set to light the stage up on fire.

But something was not quite right just yet, at least for Maureen Wroblewitz. So, in the spirit of making a story out of what she was wearing, and a great one to boot, she made her way to the Levi’s Tailor Shop, where she already had a denim skirt decorated with festival-appropriate patches and embellishments early on in the trip, and went ahead to crop her top—literally. 

“I’m very much into DIY-ing even if I’m not the best at it. I loved that I could add a personal touch to my Levi’s denim skirt. I went for a tiger because that’s my Chinese zodiac sign and I added a Rolling Loud logo to make sure that I remember customizing my piece at the very first Rolling Loud Thailand,” she details. “Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love cropped tops. That’s why I just had to crop my top at the Levi’s booth to complete my authentic look.” And to complete her cool, nonchalant vibe, Maureen Wroblewitz, wore her jeans with a button undone, which was paired with her black high-cut boots and a braided ponytail to whip back and forth.

The DIY Adventures Of Maureen Wroblewitz

When it comes to festival dressing, there is no one look that cuts across the style spectrum. Sure, there may be a trend that dominates here and there, but at its core, it really boils down to what makes you feel good. So, if street style or sparkle is your game, then by all means, go for it. People can attempt to pin it down to something definitive, but we all know that when it come down to it, you will wear what you anyway. 

This is precisely what Maureen Wroblewitz swore by for her Rolling Loud in Thailand experience. As she soaked up the searing sun, the thumping energy, and the soul-shifting music of Carbi B, Lil Uzi Vert, and Chris Brown, she also served a range of looks that are quintessentially her. 

“My plan was letting my Levi’s denim pieces shine while mixing and matching with other pieces. I wanted to be as authentic as possible but also bring out different moods. That’s why I made sure to pack enough accessories, clothing pieces,” relates Maureen Wroblewitz of her game plan for Rolling Loud Thailand. And as she is more of a go with the flow, wear what she feels kind of gal, she was also on the lookout for what people were wearing. “I noticed similar style patterns like cropped tops, low rise and baggy jeans. Very Y2K,” she shares. 

Rolling Loud And Clear

Whether she went sultry in black lace, playful in a pink and orange psychedelic cropped top, or relaxed in her green printed polo, it was clear that in her own way, Maureen Wroblewitz was going for what was comfortable to her. A common thread however that seamed all her looks together was an anchoring on the classic Levi’s denim. “I’ve always loved denim, so I have denim moments all the time,” she laughs. “It was important for me to wear Levi’s, because not only is it durable and stylish, it’s also very comfortable. Comfort is especially important if you spend hours at a festival.”

To cap off her Rolling Loud in Thailand experience, Maureen Wroblewitz has some wise words to share. “Wear whatever makes you, you. Don’t think about what other people might think about your look. As long as you feel good in it, that’s all that matters. Add as many accessories as you like, baggy, cropped, low rise, whatever it is, stay true to who you are,” she says, asserting the value of authentic self-expression at any given chance. “If you don’t know your personal style yet, festivals are also great for experimenting and looking for inspiration. You never know what you might like, and our style is always evolving.”

Now, while this may just be an exposition about clothes, it is increasingly clear that for people like Maureen and the many that trekked to Pattaya in Thailand for this musical experience, this was an adventure worth getting down and dirty for. A life well lived over the sweaty weekend, humidity and all.