Discover A New Aspect Of Yourself In Spotify Wrapped 2023

Discover Your Next Personality In This Year’s Spotify Wrapped—Me in 2023

So, did you get Berkley, California too?

Bestie, wake up! It’s that time of the year again, Spotify Wrapped is out, and it’s got some new things in store. For instance, what’s your Me in 2023 card?

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Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Spotify Wrapped gives us a glimpse into not just our listening habits, but also our personalities (and other people’s habits and personalities). This year, Spotify presented its now-staple Wrapped feature with the inclusions of some classic favorites and a couple of fresh, fun ways to characterize your listening habits and share them with the world.

Let’s admit it—we love to see everyone’s Wrapped and judge each other’s top artists and listening habits. Finding people who share the same Wrapped highlights is also a fun communal thing that once again proves how music brings people. So, here’s what’s in store for your Spotify Wrapped this 2023 and some more ways you can intertwine music with your very personality.

What’s In Store For You on Spotify Wrapped?

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Besides the classic Top Songs, Top Artists, Top Genres, Artist Messages, and listening hours, Spotify Wrapped also presented Sound Town, Peak Listening Months per Top Artist, and Me in 2023.

Sound Town assigns you a location in the world where their listening habits were similar to yours. Popular emergent cities were Burlington, Virginia; Berkeley, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and for many K-pop stans, Davis, California. Peak Listening Months let you see which month you listened to your top artists the most. Finally, Me in 2023 gives you a card that determines your listening style in 2023—for instance, were you a Collector or a Luminary?

Were You Part of The Mainstream?

spotify wrapped top artists

Seems like almost everybody has Taylor Swift in their top artists, or a Taylor Swift song in their Top Songs. The pop princess herself is the most streamed artist of 2023 (and released You’re Losing Me [From the Vault] in gratitude), and made it to the top streamed artists locally. Cruel Summer is the 3rd most streamed Top Song in the Philippines, but Filipino bands Dilaw and SunKissed Lola won the top spots with Pasilyo and Uhaw (Tayong Lahat), respectively. One question—how sawi are we as a nation?

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Who Were You In 2023?

Me in 2023 is a tarot-style feature that shows you a listening habit that you exhibited this 2023. Each one reveals “listening character specific to your tastes and habits on Spotify.” For example, if you got Vampire, you’re most likely to have been listening to emotional, late-night-vibes-type of music in 2023. If you got Collector, then you most likely have a few of your own playlists with hundreds of songs dropped in there that you cycle through rather than listen to other people’s curated playlists.

There’s a certain satisfaction with trying to define ourselves and associate ourselves with certain categories or characteristics—think astrology, MBTI, and even those little personality quizzes we see online. It often validates our perceptions of ourselves or give us an insight we’ve never really seen written down coherently before. Regardless, it’s a fun little experience and Spotify Wrapped always succeeds in giving us a glimpse into who we are as music lovers. Which character from Me in 2023 are you?

spotify wrapped vampire
spotify wrapped shapeshifter
spotify wrapped cyclops
spotify wrapped robotist
spotify wrapped fanatic
spotify wrapped collector
spotify wrapped mastermind
spotify wrapped alchemist
spotify wrapped luminary
spotify wrapped hypnotist
spotify wrapped time traveler
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