Dionela’s ‘Musika’ Has The Most Wholesome Origin Story

Thank you Dionela's girlfriend.

Love can make you do almost anything, and for OPM star Dionela, that means making sweet music from unexpected moments.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere, as long as you keep your mind open to it. You can be doing something completely unrelated, then all of a sudden, you’re hit with that creative spark. No truer is this when it comes to the world of music. Artists take inspiration from wherever they can as it fuels their art of music-making. Such is the case when it comes to OPM singer-songwriter Dionela, who turned hanging out with his girlfriend into a hit love song.


In September 2022, Dionela unleashed to the world his singleMusika. It’s a love song that hits all the right notes as he croons about his special someone. Using musical instruments as a metaphor, Dionela goes straight for the heart in four minutes of heart-fluttering lyrics and melodies. Upon release, the track spoke to many with its heartwarming sound and touching message, which is why it has millions of streams on Spotify alone. But what’s even sweeter than the song itself is how it came to be.

As he shared on social media, Musika traced its origins to Dionela and his girlfriend just hanging out. She was just messing around on the piano and told him to make a song out of the notes she was playing. Dionela took that to heart, and once he dropped her off later that day, he got started on making a song around the melody she played. He was literally in his car as he tried to find the right lyrics for the love song. Dionela then finished the track in his home studio and soon, OPM magic was born. 

Since then, his girlfriend’s random playing on the piano turned into something special with the OPM artist even putting the song on a billboard as his dedication to her. Not only did Musika become a hit, but it even got Dionela a nice bag as influencer Udeng TV bought the handwritten lyrics of the song, which included a coffee stain since Dionela wrote it in the early morning, for one million pesos as a gift for his nephew.


This isn’t the first time Dionela has used his girlfriend as a muse. For his song, Sugal, the OPM musician was initially stumped on the song. That is until his girlfriend sent him words of encouragement and included a voice memo of her saying, “I love you.” It was those words that served as the missing piece. He added the actual voice memo in the song, and the rest was history. Needless to say, Dionela and his girlfriend are goals, and we hope they stay together for a long time so we can get more sweet, sweet music.

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