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Breaking Barriers Up In Here: Converse Champions Diversity With Its Troop Of All Stars

“Listen, ito ang kwento namin.”

Continuing its disruption through sports, pop culture, and the arts, Converse unites unique perspectives for its all-important message of breaking barriers.

We’ve all heard it before: creating opportunity, amplifying voices, and breaking barriers. Running the range of gaps that need to be filled, such as inclusion, representation, and equality, these are the necessary truths we must confront in order to encourage a future that is rid of division and injustice. No one believes this more than global footwear and apparel brand, Converse. Apart from its iconic All Star sneakers connecting the stories of generations, it has also built a legacy of disruption that has encouraged change across communities.

Whether it be championing women’s rights and LGBTQIA+ pride, Converse has constantly been doing its fair share of breaking barriers over time. Encouraging a culture of action and authenticity, as seen through its integration in sports, entertainment, and arts, it continues its story of change, this time zeroing in on unity and the Filipino spirit.


Breaking Barriers

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“Now is our time to break barriers and change our story,” and so goes the overarching message of Converse in its latest campaign. Realized in an edgy video laced with the rhythm and poetry of the Filipino language, the challenges we face are set into context. “But at times we pretend to hide just to break the divide,” the narrative continues as we are by this time introduced to the diverse assemblage of All Star who are raring and ready to change the game. Despite obvious differences, these individuals come together as one tribe united under the banner of our nation’s colors, including the symbolic three stars and a sun.

Led by actress, beauty queen, and UNAIDS Goodwill ambassador, Pia Wurtzback the Filipino All Star team breaking barriers include Timmy Albert (rising musician), Pauline Gaston (volleyball player), Dora Dorado (social media star and activist), Garren Jersey Evangelista (multimedia artist), David Murrell (aspiring pro-basketball rookie), and Kyline Alcantara (singer and primetime teen actress). Together, they are focused on amplifying the voice of those who need to speak their truth, compel breaking free from social injustice, and hero Filipino pride.

“Many Filipinos face the barriers of social and economic injustice. These existing barriers have been present for decades, and Filipinos are aware of these barriers, yet a majority of the nation believe these cases are helpless and unsolvable,” says Pia Wurtzbach. “Keep fighting for your dreams and inspire others to fight for theirs, too. There’s plenty of space for everyone and it’s time everyone shines for their uniqueness.”

You Are An All Star, Too

All it takes is that one spark to ignite the fire within a community—and this is the very proposition of breaking barriers that these unique individuals are fighting for. “As a student and artist, the steps to break down barriers start with the platform and voice we are gifted with. Speaking up is a start and cannot be understated. The platforms that we have can be utilized as an opportunity – to bring the Filipino people together,” explains Timmy Albert. Echoing this, Dora Dorado says that all it takes is an intention and action. “You converse. You talk and listen. And you keep doing what you are doing. Watching people continue doing what they love, is an inspiring act in itself. You never know the lengths your ripples will go.”

Despite the injustices that continue to plague our country, as well as of the pervasive division, the All Star team believe that the Filipinos will not only withstand, but completely break down these barriers once and for all. “Equality is for everyone and not just for some,” the voice in the video continues. “Sama sama tayo, we are all equal.”

With a stake in the future we want to define for ourselves, the goal is simple: to inspire change and to continue breaking barriers with you. After all, you are an All Star in your own right. The story changes now. Are you in?