Nice Drip, Dude: 10 Content Creators Who Prove That Guys Can Serve Looks Too

Drip game on lock.

While we traditionally look to the streets of Paris and Milan during Fashion Week for the latest style, there’s no need to search further than the Instagram feeds of these local content creators.

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Fashion has always been synonymous with women, our style magazines, and those trends we’re tirelessly obsessing over. Within the industry that’s all about giving women what they want, male interest in fashion has been considered feminine or not-so-manly—we were conditioned to think that way, after all. That said, most men stick to the same tried-and-tested ‘masculine‘ formulas: just jeans with everything. Or so we thought.

These days, more men are getting into the groove of exploring and experimenting with their personal style. We’re talking about accessorizing, choosing fabrics beyond cotton and dri-fit, and nailing color coordination. Maybe they’re embracing self-expression or it’s that undeniable urge to break free from the norm—who knows? Now, if you’re in need of a fashion boost, don’t miss out on these 13 fashion content creators you should follow ASAP.

Alvin Liwanag + John Paul Arrieta

While we traditionally look to the streets of Paris and Milan during Fashion Week for the latest street style, there’s no need to search further than the Instagram feeds of Alvin Liwanag and John Paul Arrieta. You might have seen them featured by brands like DBTK, but their Instagram feeds are statements in themselves. From preppy, street, and colorful casuals, acquire pointers from their haul videos and ‘how-to style’ tutorials.

David Guison

In the world of Instagram influencers, OG influencer David Guison stands out as a true trendsetter. His Instagram feed is a curated collection of IG-worthy cafes, date ideas with Angelique Manto, and David’s dapper style. In contrast with this content creator’s playful persona, his personal style remains contemporary, minimalist, and structured. More often than not, David deals with earth tones, monochromes, and accessories.

Jeff Ong

What kind of content creator roundup would this be without Jeff Ong on the list? With his covetable collection of sneakers, graphic tees, and baseball caps, it’s impossible not to obsess over his street style. Alongside IG-worthy couple fitspos featuring his wife, Rhea Bue, look no further than his interests in travel, photography, and fitness if you need more reasons to hit that follow button.

Lharby Policarpio

With #WanderLarbs, Lharby Policarpio highlights his adventurous life through a fashion-forward lens, proving that travel and style are usually hand in hand. This content creator effortlessly combines urban aesthetics and high-end fashion, seamlessly switching from formal suits to chic casuals. What we love about Lharb’s personal picks? The pop of blues, greens, yellows, and pinks in his wardrobe essentials.

Joaquin Tiu

As a model, anything looks casually chic on Joaquin Tiu. And if you’re snagging his off-duty staples, they include a leather jacket, tank tops, and pleated pants from Uniqlo—crisp, clean, and minimalist. Speaking of content creation, modeling, and hosting Miss Universe 2023 All Access, you might think that Joaquin Tiu is all about fashion. However, his personality goes beyond that. From balancing college life with work to recreating challenges with friends, he also shares glimpses of his daily life through TikTok and Instagram.

Justin Bangsil

There’s no niche when we’re talking about Justin Bangsil’s personal style, which proves that fashion holds endless possibilities—even for guys. But if I were to describe it, this content creator’s picks are a blend of island boy meets LA dude. Whether you’re going for something streetwear, tropical, or preppy, head over to his Instagram for fitspos.

Mellan Bernardino

While he straddles the line between streetwear and minimalism, Mellan Bernardino takes inspiration from his K-pop idols. As seen in his mini fashion films and fit checks, this content creator’s go-to staples include black trousers, white tanks, leather jackets, and platform boots. If you need another reason to stan Mellan, he also does dance covers—and he’s amazing at it.

André Bamba

If you’re an aspiring content creator, André Bamba is the person you’re looking for. Alongside GRWMs and fit checks, he’s all about style tricks and posing tips. When asked about his personal style, Bamba sticks with easy everyday looks—leaning towards a neutral palette and simple staples. Why? “If you feel good, you look good,’ and that’s the kind of message I’m trying to convey to everyone,” the content creator says.

Dan Yotoko

Dan Yotoko’s personal style is surprisingly soft and preppy. If you’ve been following him, you’ll know that he has two wardrobe staples: a cardigan and a quarter-zip polo. Besides fashion, followers can tune in for tips on how to romanticize life. According to the content creator, “I’m a Gen Z believer in the importance of living your life as if you are the main character, because you only have one life to live, so why not be the star in your own life, right?”

Migo Austria

Besides lifestyle and sports content, Migo Austria shares his love for fashion through GRWM vlogs and storytime videos. With a clean, minimalist, and athletic look, this content creator’s style is serving golfer boyfriend. That said, his wardrobe essentials include a silver watch and a lot of polo shirts!

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