Mid-Size Fashion Content Creators You Should Follow Right Now

We love to see it.

For people who wear seemingly in-between clothing sizes, the topic of fashion can be quite complicated. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be—just check out these mid-size content creators for your next fitspo.

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Apart from the unsolicited comments of our Titas during a family reunion and the struggle to find half-decent clothes that actually fit from top-to-bottom, being mid-sized in the Philippines is easier said than done. From the get-go, I’ve been totally obsessed with trendy magazines, outfit ideas from Pinterest, and playing dress-up. But if you’re like me – a 5-foot-3, 150-pound woman – we’ve always had a love-hate relationship with fashion. We love the latest looks and putting pieces together, but we hate when brands don’t accommodate mid-sizes or only showcase their clothes on specific models.

For some reason, there’s a lack of representation for fashion girlies who fall somewhere in the middle of the clothing-size spectrum. While petite and plus-size fashion are featured everywhere, what about in-betweeners?

Mid-Size AKA In-Betweeners

Before we dive deeper, let’s clarify what we mean by being mid-sized. These are bodies larger than women’s straight sizes (typically ranging from 0 to 8) but smaller than plus sizes (usually starting from 18 and above). AKA ‘in-betweeners,’ it has become the go-to phrase for labeling this often-overlooked size range.

Thankfully, there are content creators who are showing our for the mid-sized girlies. Besides spreading messages of body positivity, they talk about their personal style, share shopping recommendations, and provide plenty of inspiration for every body type that’s in between M-XL. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what will that look like on me?’ here are five fashion influencers to follow ASAP.

Angela Alguno

@anjela.faith Outfit ideas for whenever honestly. #midsizefashion #midsizestyle #fashionph #tiktokph ♬ original sound – ฝ้ายคู้ดเกิร์ล (Fyeqoodgurl) – Fyeqoodgurl ฝ้ายคู้ดเกิร์ล 🧿

Anjela Faith found a sweet spot in between feminine and fun. Now that school season has started, this content creator is a must-follow with her easy everyday (and dress code friendly) outfits. As the cherry on top, she’s also sharing travel vlogs and GRWM videos.

Aryne Villagracia

@__aryne missed this! 🫶🏻 #midsize #midsizefashion #midsizegal #midsizegirl #ootd ♬ original sound – Akiii – Aki🕷️

Some content creators pose in clothing that feels a bit over-the-top for everyday wear, but that’s where Aryne Villagracia comes into the picture. She’s got the knack for maximizing wardrobe essentials, creating completely wearable yet fashion-forward outfits that’ll work wherever your day takes you.

Denise Annthea

@deniseannthea Clothing recos as a mid sized girly! #outfitideas #outfitinspo #midsizedfashion #fashion #fashioninspo #BeautyPh #fitcheck ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Denise Annthea is a style icon in the making. While this content creator’s Instagram serves the ultimate cool-girl inspiration and mid-size shopping list, her feed brims with personality, inspiration, and humor, cementing her as a firm favorite on our must-follow list.

Coco Villacorte

@curvygirlcoco I grew up hearing that I was wasting my tall (5’8”) height because I was ‘chubby’. No matter what I did to try to be skinny, I always go back to my same body. When I finally said f* it & just let my body be – I was living a more happier stress-free life. #curvygirlcoco #bodyneutrality #selflove ♬ original sound – every7thng

Coco Villacorte isn’t afraid to be herself, talking honestly about self-love and body positivity. She always has cute and budget-friendly clothing recommendations too, whether you’re in search of some sundresses, a two-piece swimsuit, or a matching loungewear set.

Rianne Motas

@riannemotas #midsizegirl #jeansoutfit 🤍 okay i just found the PERF #flarejeans for my #midsize AND #curvygirl #midsizefashion #midsizestyle #asianmidsize #midsizeflarejeans ♬ Our Song (Made Famous by Taylor Swift) – The Smooth Jazz Players

Not only does Rianne Motas highlight that she’s mid-size in her bio, but she’s also open about what life is like when you’ve been ‘fat-shamed’ as a kid. The struggles didn’t deter her; this content creator slays every Pinterest-worthy outfit and shares personal tips for pulling off bodysuits, corset tops, and everything casual chic.

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