Concert Review: TOMORROW X TOGETHER Receives Warm Greetings From Duluth MOAs

Manifesting concert tickets.

Needless to say, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s latest world tour is not to be missed.

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With a new single dropping this July and the group returning to the Philippines with a concert at the Philippine Arena in August, Pinoy MOAs have been eating good as of late. And as Filipino fans wait in anticipation to see their best boys again, Cielo Perez gives us a look at what to expect at their ACT: Sweet Mirage World Tour with a review of their Duluth shows last May 19-20.

BIGHIT’s TOMORROW X TOGETHER made a pit stop in Duluth, Georgia as part of their ACT: Sweet Mirage World Tour. Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai spent 2 days (May 19th-20th) performing at the Gas South Arena. Duluth MOAs greeted TXT with their Southern Hospitality.

TXT recently finished the US leg of their ACT: Sweet Mirage World Tour on May 28th in Los Angeles’ BMO Stadium. For this tour, it was definitely an upgrade from performing in theater-like venues in the US (ACT: Lovesick World Tour in 2022) to the arena, stadium-like venues and will soon be returning to the US in August 2023 as one of the headliners for LOLLAPALOOZA Chicago.


Members of TXT had a strong opening to their Duluth show wearing ceremonial outfits and performing Blue Hour. Into the chorus break of Blue Hour, Heuningkai walked forward to the main stage asking MOAs if they’re ready to perform with the members all night long. The rest of TXT followed him to the main stage and immediately went stomping on their right foot to finish out the song. The first round of confetti shot up in the air and MOAs nearby tried to grab heaps of it.

All of them greeted MOAs with their introduction of “One! Dream! Hello, we are Tomorrow x Together!” after their Can’t We Just Leave the Monster Alive? performance. As each member said their name, MOAs screamed with delight, with Yeonjun getting a particularly raucous reception.

As they got into the 2nd act of the show, the members changed into athletic outfits for Drama. Soobin then took center stage as they transitioned to No Rules. The track had a mix of retro and pop punk genres; the song itself is about an adolescent learning to live with the norm of no responsibilities or rules. With lyrics that discuss no responsibilities or rules, it complemented the backing track’s groovy sound that anyone can dance to.


“I just wanna be your dog, Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh!” was the one lyric from Cat and Dog that got every MOA barking for TXT. The loud chants of barking even led to another talking segment of their show where the members were asked to bark individually in various ways. When Soobin’s shy self was encouraged to bark for MOAs, Hueningkai hyped him up with “[He’s] the hottest and cutest dog!” Instead of barking, Yeonjun meowed for MOAs on Day 1 of the Duluth concerts and he went back to barking on Day 2. He teased MOAs with small body rolls after he meowed or barked for them. As for Beomgyu, his barking was similar to a chihuahua on Day 2.

MOAs had the chance to participate with TXT using their moabongs (TXT lightsticks) by following their movements. All the members spread out on the main stage to teach certain sections of the audience how to follow them. The admirable thing about TXT is that they rotated around the main stage for other talking segments. That way, MOAs who sat or stood in different parts of the venue had a view of them.

Taehyun offered his hand to MOAs asking, “Should we run away?” as they transitioned to performing 9 and Three Quarters (Run Away). The bass dropped in the beginning and the members were lined up behind each other to roll off one dance movement after another. At the end of the song, Hueningkai was left onstage to have his solo movement and ran back to the center stage.


As we’re going through their nearly 3-hour show, fan-favorite songs such as LO$ER=LO♡ER and Anti-Romantic brought back the earlier days of their music career. Their outfit changes for these songs reflected the teenage nostalgia clothes that some of us wore back in our high school days: Vans, ripped-knee jeans, and slightly oversized tops.

To align with their The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION album concept that was released in January 2023, they changed to white tank tops and began with the addictive afrobeat-infused Tinnitus (Wanna be a Rock). Taehyun teased MOAs by flashing his abs during the performance. Resembling a devil’s irresistible whisper, the Devil by the Window track had a repetition of lyrics that says, “dream on, dream on, goodnight”. Hueningkai’s tenor voice singing those lyrics in repetition expresses the tone of being lured by a mysterious devilish voice.

Their fifth outfit change was white and blue pattern jackets over their white tank tops. MOAs were in for another participation when TXT taught everyone the Happy Fools (Feat. Coi Leray) dance challenge. Beomgyu’s baritone voice opened up the 3rd to the last song of their setlist with Sugar Rush Ride.


To close out The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION concert, TXT came out once more dressed in prince-like white long-sleeve tops. All of the members sat on a shipwrecked prop in the center stage and sang Farewell Neverland. The lyrics speak upon facing reality and saying farewell to paradise where someone lives their fantasies. Staying in paradise isn’t ideally the place to live in a perfect world and the lyrics come to terms with accepting the changes that lie ahead.

The group then performed Blue Spring, an unreleased track, that served as another dedication to their beloved MOAs. The repetition of the lyrics stating “flowers, flowers” is in reference to the fandom growing each day. Since it was an unreleased track, the lyrics were displayed on the stage screens for MOAs to follow along with the lyrics.

To wrap up the show, TXT sang Our Summer from their 1st EP, The Dream Chapter: STAR. More confetti blasted towards the audience shimmering in white and gold colors. In one of the last speaking segments, Beomgyu said he thanks MOAs for coming to their show and hopes they can play at a bigger venue next time they come back. It took TXT a long time to leave the stage as they waved goodbye to MOAs. Where TXT started in 2019 with nearly 1000 fans for their US showcase to thousands of fans in arenas in 2023 shows how much they’ve grown in a few years.

Photos courtesy of BIGHIT Music.

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