The Best Coach Stell Moments From The Voice Generations

11 Of The Best Coach Stell Moments From The Voice Generations

Team StellBound!

Missing Coach Stell a little extra lately? Here’s a rundown of some of the winning coach’s best moments from ‘The Voice Generations’.

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Having SB19’s Stell Ajero be a coach on the newly-minted iteration of The Voice Philippines titled The Voice Generations was a fantastic idea, and everyone knew it from the get-go. From bringing talent, humor, and a fresh perspective to the show to getting a chance to show off his well-honed skills by mentoring talented singers, Stell has proven himself a worthy addition to the coaching panel—especially when he won the whole thing.

During the finale last December 10, it was announced that VocalMyx, Coach Stell’s last standing team of the season (and the first artist to be part of Team StellBound), won the grand prize and earned the title of the first The Voice Generations Grand Champion in the Philippines and in Asia. First-time judge Stell subsequently won the coaching winner title himself. Throughout the show, the singer and performer exuded such charm, humor, and care for both his team and his fellow coaches, and we’ve rounded up a few of his best moments from his coaching stint on the show below.


@_kwenni219 Ipaglaban at angkinin mo rin ako, Stell😭🧎‍♀️ Yung wala talagang dead air at puro tawa nalang ako kanina HAHAHAHA. Lahat ng pwedeng gawin, ginawa na niya para sa group na gusto niya WAHAHAHA. Well, siya naman nakakuha nung first group, slayed so much🤩 #sb19 #sb19_stell #ppop #thevoicegenerations #fypシ #fypfypfyp #foryoupage #foryou #fyp ♬ GENTO – SB19

Let’s go back to a beginning full of firsts, when VocalMyx, the first contestants to perform, earned the first four-chair turn of the season and were the first team to be part of Stell’s Team StellBound. The coaches, particularly Stell and Billy Crawford, hilariously fought tooth and nail to get the group to choose them. Stell’s silver tongue and quick wit immediately set the stage for how he was going to be as a coach, and ultimately won the talented VocalMyx over—and the rest was history.


During the semi-finals, Welsh singer Jamie Miller dropped by The Voice Generations stage to perform with coaches Julie Anne San Jose and Stell. He and Stell performed the Here’s Your Perfect, a collab that was years in the making and showing everybody their talent and how well their voices complemented each other. Those high notes were exquisite.


@everythingsb19 edi lahat tayo napa ngiti #mahalima #stell #josh #ken #pablo #sb19_stell #sb19_pablo #sb19_ken #sb19_justin #sb19_josh #thevoicegenerations #coachstell ♬ original sound – everythingESBI🍓🍢🌭

Ended that argument real quick! Coach Julie and Stell were about to square off in another bardagulan, but Stell opted for the playful route, rendering her speechless.


@notmaechasv Nabitin ng slight Coach! Wala ba continuation nito? #sb19 #sb19_stell #stell #tvg #coachstell #TVGCoachStell #TheVoiceGenerations #TheVoiceGenerationsPH ♬ original sound – Maechaa|SV🍓

Stell has very quickly learned the ways of The Voice. Singing to a contestant is almost always a surefire way to get them on your team. And with that angelic, crystal clear voice singing Makita Kang Muli, the audition song of contestants Music and Me? Consider us StellBound. Even if they didn’t join his team, that was truly a moment.


@thevoicegenph Coach Stell at Coach Julie, nag-duet! #thevoicegenerations #thevoicegenerationsph #TheVoiceGenFanReacts #BeKind ♬ original sound – The Voice Generations PH

There’s a reason these artists were made coaches. Stell and fellow coach, singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose, launched into a spontaneous duet and spawned a beautiful harmony that makes us want a full duet.


@thevoicegenph Pinoy Henyo, Coach Stell and Coach Julie edition! 😂 #thevoicegenerations #thevoicegenerationsph ♬ original sound – The Voice Generations PH

There goes Stell’s quick wit again. He’s simply never going to let there be any amount of dead air, always filling the studio with jokes and great vibes, not just making the coaches and audience laugh, but providing a sense of comfort to some very nervous contestants.


@sb19fanboi Sanaol😭🥰 ©The Voice of the Philippines #thevoicegenerations #gma #sb19_stell #coachstell #fypシ #sb19fanboi #foryou #sb19official #sb19 #trending ♬ Laughing – Gianluca Marino

It can’t be helped that people from both the audience and the contestants would be fans of Stell and SB19. Even though Fources was on Coach Billy’s team, Stell was clearly one of their idols and he stole the scene, Niall Horan on The Voice US-style.


Coach Stell bringing the rest of the members of SB19 to help mentor Team StellBound made for great coaching sessions where they as a group helped another group of men (as well as the other members of Team StellBound) by drawing from their own musical experiences and sharing what’s worked for them as one of the biggest music acts in the nation.


@jeya_ajero wala kaming nakita coach Stell HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #sb19 #sb19_stell #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Jela – Jeya♡

In a moment that even he didn’t expect to be shown, Stell helps Coach Julie back to her chair, but jokingly gestures that no one was there to hold his hand to help him up his chair.


Of course, winning the first-ever The Voice Generations with the first artists on his team on his first coaching stint is a major milestone for the artist. It must be an amazing feeling to know that you helped guide aspiring artists to success, changing their lives forever as yours also does. What a win!


In one of the hardest decisions he had to make as a coach, Stell had to choose who between VocalMyx and ForteNors would advance to the Grand Finals. Both teams did a great job, and an emotional Coach Stell thanked them for their trust in a newbie. Holding back his tears, the coach praised all the artists and validated what they could possibly be feeling at that moment before ultimately choosing VocalMyx to join him in the finale and bursting into tears while his fellow judges comforted him.

You could tell how much of himself Stell put into mentoring both groups, and how much it affected him to have to let go of one of them. But that’s what makes a great coach—the immense amount of care they have for the people they’re trying to help and the openness to learn as they go through their respective journeys. “You guys showed me na being an artist ay hindi lang tungkol sa skill…ang pagiging artist ay pagkakaroon ng puso.”

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