5 Reasons Why CJ Cansino and Alliana Dolina’s Relationship Is Ripped Straight From Wattpad

Love story come to life.

Dominate in sports and content creation all while being a power couple at the same time? That’s CJ Cansino and Alliana Dolina for you.

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One is a popular Gen Z content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers across social media. The other is one of the most followed UAAP basketball players and a top player for the UP Fighting Maroons. But together, Alliana Dolina and CJ Cansino can very well be considered as a power couple of today’s generation. In the highly engaged world of collegiate sports, few couples are as followed and loved as CJ and Alliana. From the way they treat each other to their sana all status, it’s easy to see why this long-term relationship can be considered a Wattpad love story come to life. Scroll down for some of the reasons why.


CJ and Alliana have been dating for years, but they’ve known each other much longer. In the past, CJ opened up about how he already fell for Alliana when he saw her at UST Senior High School. His feelings for the YouTuber even pushed the athlete to create an anonymous Twitter account called “King Tiger” and wrote, “Hi Ms. White Jacket!” to get her attention. You can probably guess what happened next. The fact that the tweet and account are still up makes us think that it’s an iconic part of their love story. 




Imagine eating down and looking good whenever you step out as a couple. That’s the case for CJ and Alliana, who you can always expect to serve a look when they’re together. While both have their distinct styles that complement them, they just get it when it comes to matching their aesthetic with each other. 


TBH, a nice bouquet from our partner would be enough of a gift for our birthday. But CJ decided to go the extra mile by gifting Alliana a ring. And no, it’s not an engagement ring, but seeing him give Alliana the ring for her birthday in 2023 as seen in her vlog gave us enough kilig to last the year. Sana all.  


People’s love languages can range from words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, or more. But for CJ, it’s probably bardagulan. If you follow the couple, especially Alliana, on social media, you’ll know CJ loves to leave dogshow-coded comments on her posts. It’s practically anticipated by their followers to see CJ’s quirky comments in Alliana’s posts on Instagram.


@allianadolinna supportive since the start 😭♥️ || #allianadolina #cjcansino #allianaandcj #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #uaap ♬ sonido original – m a r x y 🕷

The key to any successful relationship is how both partners in the relationship support each other in what they do. And that’s something CJ and Alliana have in spades. Alliana has been spotted multiple times cheering for CJ on the bleachers, both during his UST days and current stint in UPD. 

CJ, meanwhile, is more than game to be in Alliana’s vlogs, like when he did the voiceover for one of her makeup vlogs. They can also slay a TikTok challenge here and there. And let’s not forget the time that he revealed that his lock screen is a photo of him and Alliana on a bag raid he did years ago. They aren’t afraid to flex each other anytime they get the chance and we love that for them. They really are meant for each other. 

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