Chris Nick Isn’t Letting His Color Blindness Stop His Love Of Fashion

Dressing the world, one black and white dress at a time.

Beyond all things, Chris Nick wants you to know that elegance is timeless.

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Ever thought of how successful designers in the fashion industry make it? Well, just like you, they started as a dreamer, turning visions into reality. Like in any other career, most people in the industry make it with their hardships, talent, and most importantly, passion. Truth be told, fashion is a cut-throat industry, so most of the people who make it are in the limelight and paved their own way to be who they are. Those are the ones who flourished from their beginnings to where they are now, like the designer Chris Nick. 

Noted for his use of the color black, Chris Nick De Los Reyes is a name in the fashion industry whose celeb clientele is longer than a grocery list. After graduating college, and without any hesitation, Chris was brave enough to start a label and the rest, as they say, is history. Taking us into the world of elegance, Chris Nick is a trendsetter in creating elegant and sensual pieces.

At just 29 years old, he brought Filipino talent globally by, among other things, showing his collection at LAFW S/S 2023. His accomplishments in his career are not an easy feat. No wonder why his story is a beacon of how can young creatives grow in this industry while finding their aesthetic and individuality.

Below we caught up with Chris as he shared his design inspirations, his favorite celebrity look he’s made, and more.

How and when did you start as a fashion designer?

I never really had plans on being a fashion designer per se although I knew I always wanted to be in fashion. I guess if it’s for you the universe will find a way to make it happen. It all started in 2019 – three years later, here we are now! – Also no I did not intern or anything for a designer – it’s my first job right out of school! I didn’t expect to be a fashion designer either, I was leaning towards more into Luxury Management but I guess if it’s for you it’s for you! Although I’ve always been into fashion ever since I was a kid — fashion, art, and film. 

When it comes to designing, where do you get inspiration from? 

I’m a big fan of the past, I take references from history, the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 90s, are my favorite eras in history and fashion. Film, music, and pop culture also had a big impact on my work. When I design, I design with the idea “Would I wear this?” — this ideal world – a fantasy, if you will – that I created in my head where I imagine how men and women would dress if it were up to me. I believe that there is a way to be classic and at the same time contemporary current — never dated.

As a creative, have you ever faced challenges, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is really to execute the ideas I have in my head – to continue delivering the Chris Nick standard. Perseverance and focus are very important as tenacity, of course. 

How are you bringing Filipino fashion to be seen globally?

One of my goals is really to bring CHRIS NICK and Filipino fashion into the global stage – my last show in 2022, which is just my fourth show ever, was at LAFW in Hollywood – and that really helped open my horizons when it comes to international representation and understanding fashion in a global scale.

In your career, what’s the most memorable design or look you’ve ever done and favorite celebrity you’ve ever dressed?

Almost every collection and piece I make is memorable as it always comes from a very close place in my heart but I think the most memorable look would have to be the piece that I made for my dear friend and muse Nikki Huang for the Vogue gala and as well as my most current Spring/Summer 2023 Collection presented at LAFW.

Those are the true representations of me as an individual and as a brand – playing around that whole prim and proper aspect and merging that with this very sensual side to me. Favorite celebrities on the other hand are all of my Chris Nick Angels – I can’t choose just one! 

What is Chris Nick’s style and aesthetic through design?

That’s simple. Sensual. Understated and Elegant. Most of my work is Black – for the reason that I am in a way color blind – not in a drastic way or anything like that – but with the color Black, I am never wrong.

What’s next for Chris Nick?

More international representation, I hope! I have so much more to offer and to learn and I have a lot more under my sleeve. Eyeing a return to Ready-To-Wear as well as I understand the need for it during this time and age.

With a keen eye for fashion and a career that continues to go on the up, Chris Nick is helping ushering us into the cutting edge of Filipino fashion with his talent, creativity, and elegance.

Images courtesy of Chris Nick De Los Reyes

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