Celebrity Lookalikes: These A-Listers Can Pass As Twins

At this point, who's who?

From Ayn Bernos and Denise Julia to Heeseung of ENHYPEN and Justin of SB19, these stars don’t share DNA, but the way they mirror each other has everyone doing a double-take.

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Sometimes, while scrolling through Facebook, you’re like, ‘Wait, what is Kathryn Bernardo doing here?’ After a minute, you realize it’s someone who looks like her. In another scenario, you’re binge-watching Sex Education on Netflix, thinking that Emma Mackey was the female lead of Ready or Not when in fact it was Samara Weaving.

In the world of fame and glamour, the concept of celebrity doppelgängers never fails to intrigue. Whether it’s the captivating resemblance in expressions, facial features, or overall aura, the similarity between certain A-listers and their lookalikes has left fans bewildered and doing double-takes. Here’s a glimpse into some uncanny resemblances that could easily make these celebrities mistaken for twins.

Ariana Grande and Dane Jeshorun

Apart from her role as a singer and songwriter, Dane Jeshorun also shares a striking similarity with Ariana Grande in terms of looks. A mere glance through this content creator’s social media posts will immediately show you what people have been talking about. Her facial features, reminiscent of the renowned pop icon, have caught the attention of many, leaving fellow fans amazed by the uncanny resemblance between Dane and the singing sensation.

Ayn Bernos and Denise Julia

As TikTok remains a hotspot for trends and discoveries, users have been doing double takes between Denise Julia and Ayn Bernos. The uncanny resemblance between the B.A.D. singer and content creator grabbed the attention of those scrolling through their feeds, sparking widespread chatter about their striking similarities. Things took an intriguing turn when these two morenas posted a side-by-side video, and boom. It was a moment of revelation for viewers as the comment section exploded with reactions echoing the same sentiment: ‘Whoa, they really do look alike!’

Charlie Dizon and Jihyo of TWICE

In the realm of emerging stars in the local entertainment scene, Charlie Dizon stands out as a noteworthy talent to keep an eye on. Surprisingly, this actress from Four Sisters and a Wedding initially steered her career path toward K-pop stardom. ICYDK, she auditioned and clinched a spot as a K-pop trainee.

But wait, there’s more to her South Korean connection—enter the jaw-dropping resemblance she shares with Jihyo from TWICE. Their nearly identical face shape, full cheeks, and those captivating big, round eyes have left fellow fans speechless. Some have even used the term ‘magkahulma’ to encapsulate their uncanny similarity.

Darren Espanto and RM of BTS

In a social media moment that set the internet abuzz, Darren Espanto sent fans into a frenzy with an Instagram post in 2020. The post featured side-by-side snapshots of the Filipino-Canadian singer alongside BTS’ leader, Kim Namjoon. Apart from their shared facial features, we can all agree that this dynamic duo has the same celebrity charm. And get this, Cassy Legaspi jumped on board too! Her birthday shoutout called Darren her very own NamJoon.

Heeseung of ENHYPEN and Justin of SB19

Heeseung of ENHYPEN and Justin of SB19 are giving the term ‘celebrity lookalike‘ a run for its money. These two could seamlessly swap places, and who would even notice? Their resemblance is so uncanny; it’s as if they share the same ‘cool-looks’ handbook. From their features to their command on stage, this doppelgänger duo is twinning flawlessly that it’s a true challenge to ‘spot the difference’ in their photos. At this point, someone should consider casting them as long-lost twins in a K-drama because the internet’s FBI team is certainly convinced they’re onto something.

Gabbi Garcia and Michelle Dee

In the world of stars, fans are still hoping to see Gabbi Garcia and Michelle Dee team up as on-screen sisters. It’s been a minute since social media first noticed the crazy resemblance between the actress and the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 titleholder. The hype among fans for a Gabbi-Michelle collab is hitting the stratosphere, especially following Gabbi Garcia’s public shoutout to her twin for securing the MUPH crown.

Kathryn Bernardo and Patricia Letran

Back in 2018, the internet exploded over a teenager’s profile picture. Patricia Letran’s Facebook selfies skyrocketed to viral status, sparking an avalanche of comments, reactions, and a fan frenzy—all because she bore an uncanny resemblance to Kathryn Bernardo. Seriously, everyone couldn’t stop talking about it, highlighting Letran’s matching eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and entire facial structure akin to the A Very Good Girl star. Imagine waking up every day looking like THE Kathryn Bernardo?

Liza Soberano and Nancy McDonie

After years of being hailed as lookalikes, Liza Soberano and Nancy McDonie finally crossed paths in 2019. The stars shared this epic encounter with an Insta post from the K-pop sensation, captioned, ‘Nice meeting you, Liza.’ Years later, the two crossed paths once more as cast members of Hwaiting Season 4.

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