friends: the reunion favorite moments

Our 7 Favorite Moments From Friends: The Reunion

So many iconic moments in just a short amount of time.

Friends: The Reunion was such a joy to witness as we watched our favorite friends reunite for the first time in years. We list down our 7 standout moments from the reunion’s special.

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Finally, after years and years of waiting, the cast of Friends has reunited on the set of the iconic sitcom for the first time in 17 years. Friends: The Reunion fulfilled the wishes of many Friends fans, both old and new, to see the main cast reunite after the show wrapped in 2004. The 1 hour and 40-minute reunion special had a lot of memorable moments, so here are our 7 favorite moments from the reunion.

The One Where The Cast Reunite For The First Time On Set

The special starts by saying that the main cast has only been together in the same room once since the show ended in 2004. So, when Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc be reunited together for the first time on the iconic Friends set, it was a special moment. The cast got emotional to the point where Jennifer and Courtney started crying and we got a bit teary-eyed seeing them together again. It was so nice to see the cast hang out in the apartment and the Central Perk coffee shop again after all these years. The interview portion with James Corden being filmed in front of the iconic water fountain made things all the better.

The One Where The Cast Played A Trivia Game

Another highlight of Friends: The Reunion was when the cast played a trivia game in the style of the trivia game played during a memorable Friends episode where Monica and Rachel lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler. The trivia game was based on everything and anything Friends, which not only tested the cast’s knowledge but the viewer as well. The game also served as a great transition into remembering the show’s greatest moments. It also served as a way for some guest stars to make cameos like Tom Selleck who played Monica’s ex, Richard. Having the quiz be done in front of a live audience made the experience even more of a joy to watch.

The One Where It Was Revealed How The Cast Was Formed

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey are all memorable characters that people loved and continue to love to this day. All six of the actors gave amazing performances so it was nice to see the show’s creators go over how they each cast the six characters and learn interesting trivia along the way. Ross was written with David Schwimmer in mind, but at the time, he was in Chicago doing musicals after quitting television. It was the producers who conceived him to do the show. Jennifer and Matthew both were attached to other shows before they were cast on the show. Thankfully, those shows did not do well, and they were able to join the cast of Friends. Courtney was originally considered for the role of Rachel while the actor that nearly got the role of Joey was featured on the show as a lookalike Joey.

The One Where Friends Fans From Around The World Shared Their Appreciation For The Show

Friends is a US-based TV show, but clearly, the show had global appeal. People all over the world know, have watched, and love Friends. The show has touched and affected people around the world such as when RM of BTS talked about how he learned how to speak English through the show. We also loved how the special had a segment where fans from around the world talked about how Friends affected their lives. Some saw the show as a form of comfort during hard times. Others said that the show helped them learn new things about themselves. While some fans talked about how the show taught them to be free and live their truth.

The One Where Lady Gaga Sings Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat is one of the show’s most memorable running gags. Seeing Lisa Kudrow sing the song again after all the years was a dream come true. But when Lady Gaga walked in dressed in her Phoebe-inspired look, we knew things were about to get epic. The two then sat down on the Central Perk couch and sang Smelly Cat together. They sounded amazing together and the addition of the choir made things even better. We’re patiently waiting for Lisa and Gaga’s version of Smelly Cat to be available on streaming sites.

The One Where Jennifer Anniston And David Schwimmer Revealed That They Had A Crush On Each Other

The on-again/off-again relationship of Ross and Rachel was one of, if not the, most compelling relationship featured on the show. For Friends’ 10 year run, fans eagerly followed Ross and Rachel’s relationship and its many, many ups and downs. One of the most memorable moments of the special then was when Jennifer and David revealed that they had a crush on each other during season one. David said that since one was always in a relationship, things never really got off the ground, while Jennifer added that they channeled their love for one another through Ross and Rachel. We then get a scene of the two of them script reading a pivotal moment in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. The two of them reading their lines as it switches back and forth with the actual episode shows that they still got it even after all these years.

The One with the Fashion Show

Aside from memorable lines, skits, and gags, Friends also gave us some memorable costumes. Friends: The Reunion celebrated the show’s iconic costumes by having a fashion show featuring some of the show’s costumes. Cara Delevingne came out on the runway wearing Rachel’s bridesmaid’s dress from Barry and Mindy’s wedding in Season 2. Supermodel Cindy Crawford then strutted her stuff while wearing Ross’s leather pants. Justin Bieber made an appearance as he modeled Ross’s Halloween costume, Spud-nik. Cara came out once again this time wearing the Holliday Armadillo costume. And they saved the best for last as Matt LeBlanc came out wearing all of Chandler’s clothes.

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