4 Things We Can Expect In K-Variety Show Hwaiting Season 4 Starring Liza Soberano

Hwaiting, Liza!

Liza Soberano’s Hallyu exposure continues as she joins the cast of Dive Studios’ K-variety show Hwaiting Season 4.

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From befriending K-pop idols to learning Korean, Liza Soberano is diving headfirst into the entertainment industry of South Korea. The young star is riding the Hallyu wave and making a name for herself as an international icon, and her recently-announced hosting stint on the fourth season of Dive Studios’ variety show Hwaiting is a milestone that marks a significant step forward in a new, exciting career path.

Liza joins Eric Nam, Nancy, THE BOYZ’s Kevin and Jacob, and ASTRO’s Jinjin as cast members of Hwaiting Season 4. Past cast members include WayV’s TEN and Yangyang, Jae, Amber Liu, KARD’s BM, Peniel, Ashley Choi, Jamie, and more.

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“Had so much fun filming this,” Liza wrote in an Instagram story. “Excited for everyone to see it!” Liza’s crossed paths with Dive Studios before, most recently having been a guest on the Get Real podcast with Ashley Choi and Peniel from BTOB where they talked about spending habits and stress management. Being a variety show with games, banter, and competition, Hwaiting opens a new opportunity for Liza and the new cast members to form a entertaining dynamic. There are no air dates yet for the web show, but we can’t wait to witness the fun. Here are a few things we hope to see in the new season.

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Hwaiting features several quizzes and games—mind games, strategy games, physical games, as well as team and individual games involving everything from jump ropes to bunny headphones, giant Jenga blocks to obstacle relays. This new season’s bound to have Liza and the rest of the cast play wild, outlandish, and thrilling games that you can even recreate at parties!


One of the best things about variety shows, particularly South Korean ones, is how competitive contestants get over the simplest of games or the most trivial of prizes. They’d yell, play fight, play tricks, or even tiptoe the line of cheating—just one episode of Going Seventeen or Running Man will show the hilariously intense competition between artists, comedians, and variety stars. Liza, all we can say is—ipakita mo kung sino ka!


With a whole bunch of artists from South Korea and all over the world influenced by different cultures and with different interests, Hwaiting‘s bound to see these cultures and personalities intersect. They’ll be sharing commonalities and differences, and learn about each other. They’ll most likely even have more idols and artists as guests on the show.


When the show starts airing, get ready to settle down with snacks and drinks, because we expect Hwaiting to take up your time as it brings the laughs. Games are already a perfect precedent for comedy, and with these charming stars in the roster as well as with Liza hyping up the show, we’re sure it’ll be a hilarious watch.

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