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Behind the Scenes: 6 Filipino Celebrities With Their Own Production Companies

It gets bigger and better.

Some celebrities do more than just be in front of the camera, they take the reins behind-the-scenes by establishing their own production companies.

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While actors often front the spotlight, there’s a whole team working tirelessly behind the camera. From screenwriters crafting the script to producers negotiating logistics and budgets, these wonder workers are the backbone of the industry. But what if these shining stars were also making moves behind the scenes?

Quite a few stars aren’t merely playing their roles as actors—some are donning director hats, while others have established their own entertainment and production houses. Let’s pull back the curtain and discover how these six celebrities are winning both on and off-screen.

Alden Richards | Myriad Esports

When 2020 rolled around with its lockdowns and left us all hunting for new at-home adventures, Alden Richards grabbed the chance to level up in real life. He flipped his official Facebook page into a wonderland dubbed ARGaming, diving headfirst into Mobile Legends streams and more, pulling in legions of viewers faster than you can say ~respawn~.

Then, in August 2022, he launched Myriad Esports. This isn’t another gaming content creator gig—it’s a full-blown empire broadcasting MLBB matches, serving as a launchpad for the gaming content creators of tomorrow. And for those amateurs dreaming of the big leagues? Enter the Myriad Esports Cup, your golden ticket to becoming a professional player.


Dominic Roque | Blackpeak Hypermedia  

Dominic Roque, the man with the acting chops and a penchant for entrepreneurship, has been keeping it on the down-low with his very own digital marketing and social media management company, none other than the buzzing Black Peak Hypermedia. Tagged as a Full-Service Creative Agency, this venture covers everything from production to social media mastery and top-tier digital marketing solutions.

“We create content digitally, and the company just turned one year old. It’s a pandemic company, it’s a startup, and that’s what I’m more focused on now,” he said when asked about his future plans. So, while taking a break from the big screen, Dominic is busy making magic happen in the virtual world with the ever-evolving Black Peak Hypermedia.

Enrique Gil | Make-A-Break Productions 

Now, imagine that actor is also the producer—welcome to Enrique Gil’s current reality with Make-A-Break Productions. Eager for a change in the trajectory of his career, Enrique embraced the opportunity to venture into film production, especially when presented with the chance to work on the comedy-adventure film, I Am Not Big Bird.

Ready to transform his dream roles and projects into reality through his production company, the actor expresses a desire to explore genres, including a full-blown horror flick. While manifesting the mantras ‘try something new’ and ‘take charge,’ 2024 is set to be the year for this multi-talented actor and producer.

James Reid | Careless Music

No compilation of game-changing celebrity ventures in the music industry would be complete without giving a shout-out to James Reid’s brainchild—Careless Music. Fueled by a boundless passion for fine-tuning his artistic prowess, James has taken the reins to unearth Filipino talent. Now, it’s all about catapulting the local music scene onto the global stage.

Picture this: artists basking in the international limelight, all thanks to their talents and a little push from Careless Music. And it seems like they are right on track, especially with Careless Music’s latest collaboration with none other than B.I.

Sarah Geronimo | G Studios 

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, the unstoppable husband-and-wife duo of the entertainment world, have upped the ante by unveiling their latest venture, G Studios. Perfectly positioned right next to Landers Alabang in the pulsating heart of the South, this two-tiered creative paradise is setting the stage for an exciting fusion of media magic—from events to content creation.

At first glance, it may seem like a typical studio setup, but it is a carefully crafted space featuring top-notch video and photo production equipment that promises to cater to every whim and practical need. Decked out with dressing rooms and vanity areas, G Studios is the dream playground for celebrities, creators, and artists. It’s the go-to spot for turning visions into reality and creatively collaborating in a setting that’s as glamorous as it is professional.

SB19 | 1Z Entertainment

In a thrilling turn of events in 2023, the P-Pop powerhouse SB19 took a significant step in their career by founding 1Z Entertainment, which now oversees their operations. Under the banner of 1Z Entertainment, SB19 rolled out their EP, PAGTATAG!, and other new career ventures. With the launch of their recently built office, fans are buzzing with anticipation, eager to see what new heights the P-Pop sensation will soar to next.

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