Cardi B retweeted Katrina Dimaranan

LOOK: Cardi B Just Retweeted Katrina Dimaranan’s Catwalk Video

Cardi B said she likes it like that!

Queens supporting queens. We love to see it!

The Miss Universe Philippines 2021 competition may have already ended, but we’re still not over the slayage of the queens post-pageant season. After all, it’s a momentous event that every pageant fan doesn’t always get to experience. From crowning Beatrice Luigi Gomez, the first openly queer queen as Miss Universe, as well as of casting the likes of Kisses Delavin, Ayn Bernos, and Mau Wroblewitz that characterized the underrepresented Filipina, and many more rule-breaking moments that stood out, there’s a reason why we’re still talking about it to this day.

cardi b retweeted katrina dimaranan

But even after all the glitter and glam, the sisterhood is still strong between all the queens. Apart from that, however, it is even reaching beyond our borders, especially when we saw that female rapper, Cardi B, a genuine queen herself, retweeted a video of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Katrina Dimaranan catwalk video, we couldn’t stop screaming!

Yas, Queen Katrina! Cardi B said she likes it like that. We couldn’t keep our eyes off of Kat’s hypnotizing walk and her sizzling red dress with cut-outs as she sets it on fire to Cardi B’s empowering anthem of a woman who speaks her mind in her 2018 smash hit, I Like It. Where’s the lie though? Who else can dislike a beauty and brains package like Katrina Dimaranan? Now that’s fire.

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