Brent Manalo Has The Casual Cool Outfit Formula All Figured Out 

Look at that drip, dude.

Off-duty doesn’t mean off-style. Snag some casual fashion formulas straight from Brent Manalo. Bonus? You probably own most of his staples.

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A casual and laid-back look doesn’t mean you should slack on your style game. Sure, you may not need to don your slickest suit to run errands on a Saturday, but being put-together is always a good idea. Who knows who you might bump into, right? That’s why serving even that casually cool outfit is a must-have skill for all guys, gents, and everyone in-between. If you’re guilty of always going with the same sweats or tired tees, reserve them for something entirely else.

With these celebs and influencers flooding your feed, picking a style icon can feel a lot like scrolling through a never-ending playlist. But if you’re aiming for that casual cool, look no further than Brent Manalo. Besides killing it on screen, this actor knows how to curate an OOTD. Swipe through to snag some fashion formulas straight from Brent. Bonus? You probably own most of his style staples!

Classic Combo

Brent’s go-to classic combination revolves around the timeless pairing of trousers and a shirt. Whether it’s a crisp white button-down or a well-fitted tee, he understands the power of simplicity in creating an OOTD. He’s out here looking like an 80s movie star we’d have a poster off in our room.

 Go-To Accessory? A Baseball Cap

An integral part defining Brent’s signature style is his choice of accessory: the classic cap. In fashion, few items exude the same effortless cool as a well-worn cap. From baseball caps to trucker hats, it’s more than just an accessory for the actor; it’s a statement piece that effortlessly infuses a touch of casual charm into his ensembles.

Monochrome Moment

If we were to describe Brent’s go-to style in two words, it would be minimalist and monochromatic. Whether it’s a sleek all-black ensemble or a pristine all-white outfit, he effortlessly pulls off this minimalist approach, demonstrating that simplicity can epitomize style.

Posh in a Polos

Similar to many classic clothing items, polos originated out of necessity and eventually became a staple in everyday wardrobes. Presently, it stands as one of those perfect pieces for achieving a smart casual look.

In his pursuit of a refined yet relaxed style, Brent frequently chooses the timeless shirt. A glance through his Instagram feed unveils the young actor seamlessly transitioning from casual strolls to slightly more formal settings, all while upholding his signature laidback look.

Sweater Season

During colder months, Brent’s wardrobe adapts to sweater season. Whether it’s a chunky cardigan or a cashmere piece, he combines comfort with style effortlessly, ensuring warmth without compromising on style.

Too Cool for School

This trendy outerwear was once favored by both male and female student-athletes in the 80s, but now it has become a casually cool piece for everyone. Sporting a varsity jacket, Brent channels a youthful energy that effortlessly merges with his sophisticated style. The varsity jacket becomes his emblem of coolness, adding a touch of nostalgia and personality to his ensemble.

Vintage Vibes

In the 70s, men’s fashion was characterized by a touch of fun, and Brent is here to revive this style. He knows how to infuse vintage vibes into his outfits with killer tops and trousers. Whether it’s retro patterns or throwback prints, he’s a blast from the past with these pieces.

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