Easy for Everyday Looks: Get to Know Vivoree Esclito’s Style Staples

Style steal!

When easy and everyday looks are mentioned, one celebrity comes to mind—Vivoree Esclito. 

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Red carpets are always brimming with show-stopping moments, also known as the best-dressed celebrities. Whether it’s an awards night or the infamous Met Gala, everyone can’t help but obsess over the biggest nights in fashion, where we appreciate wearable works of art. And while we’re all about those millions worth of diamonds, statement pieces, and who wore what, here’s a reality check: this style isn’t for the taking for those on a budget or if we’re prioritizing comfort over fashion. After all, we’re ~ordinary~ people.

That said, it’s no wonder why off-duty street style is taking over the fashion scene. One celebrity that comes to my mind when easy and everyday looks are mentioned is Vivoree Esclito. She’s spotted in the trendiest outfits without compromising comfort. Are your shopping carts ready? We ask our September Cover star for her style staples.

Style Staple no. 1: Plain White Tee

The white shirt is a style staple that everyone needs in their wardrobe. It’s not often that you can create 100 combinations of outfits centered around one piece of clothing and have them styled in different ways. For Vivoree, it’s easily put together for busy days or errands, so she pairs it with other staples—blue jeans and a gold necklace.

Style Staple no. 2: Long Sleeve Shirt

Vivoree’s cold-weather wardrobe revolves around well-chosen accessories, comfy shoes, and a selection of printed long sleeve shirts. Now that this classic style staple is having a moment, it’s time to take notes from her Instagram feed. In this photo, she went for a more mature look with those black pumps.

Style Staple no. 3: Tube Tops

When Vivoree isn’t in a bikini or a runway-ready gown, she’s a pro at pulling off-duty style. She spices things up even when she’s simply wearing a tube top. At first glance, it looks like a simple rectangle: strapless, shapeless, nothing special. But this photoshoot will prove people wrong because Vivoree can effortlessly deliver that cool girl vibe with plain pants and accessories.

Style Staple no. 4: Loose Trousers

There are many style staples for Vivoree, but loose pants are a mainstay for the actress. While her go-to colors are white, black, and blue, it’s a good thing that loose pants easily blend with other pieces.

Style Staple no. 5: Low Waist Pants

Where would Vivoree Esclito be without her pair of low-waist pants? As a dancer and all-around performer, there’s nothing more fitting for her street style than those cargo pants. Now, it’s all in the subtle details—the sneaker’s toe, the buckle bag, and the varsity jacket to complete this versatile look. Despite being basic wardrobe staples, nothing about these pieces looks average when mixed and matched together.

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