Markus Paterson

On Birthdays And Fatherhood, Markus Paterson Shares How His Perspective Has Since Shifted

“You’ll learn everything as it comes.”

With his life changing dramatically, but for the better, Markus Paterson opens up about the lessons learned so far.

Markus Paterson

Birthdays are a curious thing, When we’re much younger, it is something we looked forward to. From cake and ice cream, a one day liberation from house chores, and even getting closer to being a grown up, a lot of excitement came with the special date on the calendar. However, once we start wading the waters of adulthood, the charm of birthdays shifts. Instead of the big and boisterous, it becomes pared down to what matters. Think of this inverse like our growing affinity for naps. Remember when we avoided them at all costs as children? Well, we definitely regret the lost hours of sleep now. In all seriousness, we simply realize that birthdays are more than just the fanfare that comes with it, but a cumulation of lessons and life lived, as well as of the nearest and dearest with you.

Following his birthday early this month, as well as of clocking his first father’s day, Markus Paterson has a lot to celebrate. However, unlike perhaps most people his age, he has never made a big deal about his birthday. In fact, he likes to keep it as low key as possible. This disposition has served him well, he says, especially now that his life has changed. Now more than ever, with his son, Jude, and Janella, it is no longer just about him. In the further navigation of his adult years, the young man is really focusing on his new perspectives—one that not only includes much more, but one that definitely means a whole lot than before.

As we begin to wind down the merry month of June, we catch up with Markus Paterson and pick his brain about birthdays and the lessons he has learned so far and how fatherhood really made him a much better man.

markus paterson birthday

How does it feel turning a year older now? Do you feel like it means more or is it something you don’t pay much attention to?

Everyone that’s close to me knows I hate making my birthday a big thing, I usually enjoy a quiet celebration with close friends and family. Birthdays I don’t really pay much attention too, everyone gets old, but when people pay too close attention to their age, they forget to savour the moments they’re in.

What was the most important advice or lesson that your dad gave you in terms of being a father?

You’ll learn everything as it comes. That’s it. And it’s 100% true. 

Being a father means a lot of things to different people, but now that you yourself are one, what does being a father mean to you?

It means being the world to my son, his very own superhero, his best friend, his teacher, his coach, his everything. 

In terms of your career, you have had a steady rise over the years, with a lot of opportunities coming your way this year. How has your point-of-view on work changed ever since becoming a father?

Well, for sure I’m more motivated work harder, financing a child is no easy thing, and honestly I’m blessed with the family I have with Rise Artists, Star Cinema, Star Magic, and ABS-CBN in general for always believing in my ability even in times when I myself don’t.

What makes you proud? Are you proud of the man you have become? Please expound the best way you can

I’m not the kind of person to usually be proud of myself, but I can say whole heartedly I’m proud of the man I am now, because of Janella and my son, Jude. My priorities, my outlook on life, perspective on tough situations has changed dramatically, and it’s definitely for the better.

markus paterson birthday