10 Times BINI’s Maloi Broke The Internet For Being That Girl

11 Times BINI’s Maloi Broke The Internet For Being *That* Girl

Even Koreaboo agrees.

Idol image who? Maloi Ricalde from BINI has proven time and time again that she’s not only talented, but that she’s also funny AF.

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P-pop girl group BINI has been making waves on social media not just as one of the most successful P-pop groups today, but also as one of the wildest, most hilariously unhinged idol groups at present. Member Jhoanna’s own hit version of Denise Julia’s Lackin’ is proof enough. Their relationship, antics, jokes, side comments, and social media posts have often got people in stitches, getting people online to to remark how refreshingly authentic and real their personalities are.

Twenty-one year old main vocal and proud Batangueño Maloi Ricalde has consistently been at the forefront of some of these antics, and the young artist’s humor and actions proves she’s down-to-earth, unafraid to be herself, and naturally funny. In the wake of her viral pamasahe video and Koreaboo debut, below are some of the funniest and most viral moments of the BINI member and occasional comedienne.


Maloi’s most recent viral hit came in the form of a video filmed back in August 2023 that resurfaced recently. In it, the P-pop star grants a fan’s wishes by giving them a full 1000 peso bill and saying “mag-ingat ka.” Who else would give out cash outright to their fans during an event? Generous queen! The behavior was so iconic that even Maris Racal referenced the video, asking Maloi for pamasahe, too.


The singer may have given that 1000 peso bill without so much as a blink, but she also took a fan’s phone on stage as plenty of idols do and jokes that it’s hers now and that she won’t be returning it. Maloi giveth, and Maloi taketh away.


One of the local pioneers of the “Bayonetta glasses” fashion trend, Maloi can rarely be found without her now-signature red Bayonetta frames.


@bini_maloi kawawa naman si sadness #fyp #foryoupage #bini #biniph #bini_ph ♬ sige na freak – Shylee Skin Ph

Maloi’s TikTok skits often feature the most unexpected twists, her TikTok prowess, and her ability to laugh at herself, so each one’s replay value is sky-high!


@bini_maloi may choreo pala to #fyp #foryou #biniph #BINI ♬ Paligoy-Ligoy – From "Diary Ng Panget" – Nadine Lustre

Borne out of an edit that paired Nadine Lustre’s Paligoy-ligoy with NewJeans’ dance choreography for Hype Boy, Maloi’s TikTok where she dances the choreography to the track herself reached up to three million views, helping ignite the dance challenge and got others like Niana Guerrero and BGYO’s Nate to join in the dance trend. We love a trendsetter.


It’s Showtime segment Mini Miss U and its theme song became the subject of plenty of memes and trends last year, and Maloi was right there at the frontlines with all her wit and charm.


During BINI’s guesting on It’s Showtime Isip Bata, Maloi channeled her inner Querobin from Tawag ng Tanghalan, where she pretended to cry after winning the jackpot prize but shifted quickly to a jokingly cheerful expression.


BINI’s prom proposals or prom-posals for the Star Magic Prom at the PUP Pride 2023 event was a showcase of their close relationships with one another as well as their support of the cause they were there for. Maloi prom-posed to fellow member Colet, and she accepted. BINI went altogether to the prom, minus Sheena who went with Dustine Mayores, and they all slayed.


@bini_maloi when u see it 😆👀 #fyp #bini #biniph ♬ Kampana Ng Simbahan – Leo Valdez

The Kampana Ng Simbahan trend took over TikTok, and each video just gets wilder and more unhinged than the next. In this one, Maloi and Sheena really turned the dial up on the nginig, the gigil, and the craziness and no doubt inspired many others to do the trend themselves.


@jmiellexblooms I'm inloved 🥰 #binimaloi #familyfeud #maloiricalde #bini #familyfeudph #familyfeudphilippines #ppop #blooms #viral #funnymoments #ppoprise #idol #girlgroup #trending #fyp #binixblooms #biniph ♬ original sound – S U P R E M O. – Lampara at Alitaptap

BINI and BGYO went head-to-head on an episode of Family Feud Philippines, and Maloi answered “tabo” for the question of what would be an effective item to use to catch a rat. We don’t know what kind of methods Maloi uses to catch pests, but you never know—a tabo might just work. She has her reasons!


Maloi’s antics have gone global, what with South Korean pop culture platform Koreaboo reporting about her generosity and “sweet actions”. Upon seeing the post, Maloi herself was shocked, quoting it with “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!???” Global recognition, Maloi, that’s what’s happening. And it’s well-deserved.

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