BINI’s Maloi Ricalde Is Radiating Light Feminine Energy With These 5 Makeup Looks

Always looking so sweet and innocent.

BINI’s Maloi radiates an angelic, calm, and gentle energy, with makeup looks you can replicate to embrace this aura.

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The topic of Dark Feminine vs Light Feminine energy has been quite the hot topic on social media, especially over on TikTok. Today, we’re diving into the latter—the women who are perceived as angelic, innocent, and light-hearted. Then again, it’s an aesthetic that’s taking center stage in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content.

While scrolling through these platforms, you may notice certain celebrities embodying a sense of confidence and self-assuredness, radiating an aura of strength while challenging the boundaries of conventional femininity. It’s evident when they possess a distinctively dark energy or exude a living light. If you can’t picture it, take a glance at Maloi Ricalde of the girl group BINI. She carries this calm, caring, and gentle look within her, and then there are her hair and makeup looks that you can replicate if you’re longing for this aura. Scroll through to see what I mean.

All About Glowing Skin

Maloi’s makeup looks revolve around achieving a natural and radiant glow. If you’re aiming for a light, feminine aura, luminous skin starts with a flawless base. Don’t worry; it doesn’t always have to be au naturel. This BINI member’s makeup is achievable with minimal foundation and a focus on skincare, accentuating your true complexion and facial features. To achieve that final fleck of glimmer, strategically highlight the high points of the face, creating a subtle sheen.

A Petal Pink Flush

Radiating positivity, Maloi keeps things fun with a playful pink flush. Whether she’s on stage or off-duty, this pop brings all the energy to her face, focusing on her smile and warmth. Remember, every light look is all about the blush. Without darker shades for definition, it boils down to the blush in bringing back life to the face. This choice adds a touch of youthful exuberance to the look, enhancing facial features with a cheerful color.

Bright and Big Eyes

An adorable characteristic of light feminine energy is having bright and big eyes. For Maloi, her eyes serve as a canvas for expression, often adorned with glimmers and a gentle swipe of eyeliner. She embraces eyeshadow colors that enhance her natural beauty—shimmery silvers, soft pinks, or even light browns—accentuating her gaze and adding depth. With carefully curated lashes, her eyes become a focal point, drawing attention with that captivating doe-eyed look.

Good Dose of Gloss

These photos prove that a glossy look is a go-to in Maloi’s makeup repertoire. Whether it’s a subtle sheen or a high-shine lip gloss, her dedication to the look resonates with the essence of feminine radiance. With shades ranging from petal pinks to rosy reds, it not only adds a certain charm but also complements her energy.

Signature Style and Accessories

Most of the time, the light feminine energy look also serves as a signature ‘accessory’. To complete hers, Maloi incorporates ribbons into her hairstyle. This whimsical addition adds a touch of femininity and grace, enhancing her ensemble with a playful element. Whether woven into braids or tied as a bow, these ribbons mirror her style—charming, dainty, and full of life.

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