BINI’s Mikha, Stacey, And Jhoanna Just Made P-pop History With LAPILLUS

We love a K-pop meets P-pop moment.

First, LAPILLUS met Anji Salvacion. And now, the K-pop girl group finally met BINI, danced with them, and made pop history, too.

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Many often like to criticize P-pop as just a copy of K-pop. But in reality, while P-pop does take notes from the latter, it also adds a Filipino twist to it. And besides, many P-pop idols are fans of K-pop who have their own biases and groups they stan. One such P-pop group is BINI where many of their members are known to be K-pop uber fans themselves. And just recently, three of the members got a sana all moment when they got to meet and dance with LAPILLUS.


In case you didn’t know, K-pop girl group Lapillus is currently in Manila for a series of activities to promote their debut song, HIT YA. The moment is a homecoming for member Chanty as before the Filipino-Argentinian became an idol, she was an actress under Star Magic. And in no time, the group has already been rubbing shoulders with local stars.

The group recently appeared on PIE Galingan where they performed and met hosts Anji Salvacion, Sam Bernardo, Ralph Malibunas, and Eris Aragoza. Lapillus has also been interviewed by a few members of the local press, are set to hold fanmeets on September 10 and 11, and are even set to appear on ASAP and It’s Showtime. Sandwiched in between all these activities though was the fact that we got a P-pop x K-pop moment when LAPILLUS finally met BINI.


@official_lapillus ♬ HIT YA! – Lapillus(라필루스)

The K-pop girl group recently posted a TikTok video where Chanty and Haeun were dancing alongside Mikha, Stacey, and Jhoanna to their song HIT YA. The K-pop girl group then showed the love back by dancing to Lagi. This isn’t the first time BINI has meet a K-pop group. They previously met Red Velvet during the Be You concert in July. But this is the first time we saw BINI dance alongside one. Apparently, as per Jhoanna’s IG stories, they were only taught the dance twice with the members themselves teaching the dance. But still, all five killed it, as expected. But seeing this BINI x LAPILLUS moment was both unexpected and extremely welcome. It’s the best of both worlds really. Plus, seeing Chanty dance alongside Mikha, Stacey, and Jhoanna was heartwarming given Chanty’s background.

220620 Lapillus - Debut Interview Photoshoot by Osen documents 2
BINI | Spotify

This collab actually marks the first time P-pop idols were featured in a TikTok video from a K-pop group. So, technically, Mikha, Stacey, and Jhoanna are history makers, no big deal. The only thing we need now is for both groups to perform on the same stage together. Now that would be epic.

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