5 Tracks From James Reid’s ‘lovescene:’ Album To Add To Your Playlist ASAP

He's setting the scene, of love.

James Reid made sure to serve and get us in our feels with his lovescene: album as he built a love story we wanted to follow.

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As one of the biggest stars in the Philippines, James Reid is no stranger to being exposed to the public spotlight. His professional and personal life was often the talk of the town where nearly anything was said about the musician, actor, and businessman. So, it feels right knowing that his newest album, lovescene:, serves as his side of the story. Five years after dropping Palm Dreams, James Reid is back to set the record straight when it comes to his love life, thoughts on love, and everything in between.

Over 31 minutes and ten tracks, James uses the soulfully produced musical exposition to tell a tale of intimacy and romance from its beginnings to its eventual dissolution all while touching upon his own love life. The result is an album that is lyrically deep, sonically strong, and thematically cohesive. Needless to say, James Reid still got it as lovescene: is ten songs of funky bops. With that being said, we rounded up our faves tracks from the LP that were not only standouts, but also deserve a spot in your playlist.

U & I

James was so right for choosing this as the first single of his loverboy era. u & i is a funky bop that satisfyingly expresses the desire of spending time with that special someone. The beat and bass with James’ voice sound so good together as the track will get you tapping your toes.


Have you ever had that moment where, when you looked at someone, you knew that the person was the one? James has and he puts that feeling into song with fallin. James’ voice narrates a tale of realizing that he found the special someone during a boozy night out. Where this track shines though is in its chorus. The low-key verses moving into the beat drop in the chorus is *chef’s kiss*. The production overall in fallin is so good, especially during its last minute.


By the first ten seconds, we were already hooked on always been you. Vibe-wise, it reminds us of cali lovin with how chill it feels. There’s a sense of joy to the track as James sings about knowing that the person is the one. Supposedly, this song was inspired by Nadine, and let’s just say that we love how are divorced parents still see each other on good terms. You could tell this chill and easy-going song comes from a place of love.


Two international artists featuring on James’ album? We love to see it. And while the electro-rock hold on tight with The Rose’s Woosung is great, our money is on lie to me with Destiny Rogers. James and Destiny have us feeling things as they get sensual in this slowed-down and soulful track. Lyrically, James perks our ears with lines about how he would rather have his girl lie and pretend to him instead of admitting their relationship isn’t working. But that’s the reality of love and the combination of James and Destiny is a one-two punch that embodies the track’s energy.


At this point of the album, the relationship at the center of the LP’s story is on the verge of dissolution. But that doesn’t mean James is ready to give up. In stay, he channels the 80s pop power ballad as he begs his soon-to-be ex to stay with him despite what they’ve been through. James’ voice stands out here, especially on those high notes during the chorus. Add that with killer production and you get a pop tune that feels rip for teen drama OST inclusion.

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