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7 Belle Mariano Performances That Hit All The Right Notes

Music star Belle is coming.

After the success of He’s Into Her, Gen Z It-girl Belle Mariano is looking to serve once again with her upcoming debut album, Daylight. 

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Ever since her lead starring role in He’s Into Her, Belle Mariano has been on a steady rise to be one of the new generation’s biggest stars. Aside from the DonBelle love team that has charmed many around the world, many were also liked Belle’s acting as the outspoken yet thoughtful Max. It proved that she could take on a lead role and is one of the many reasons why the show is getting a season two (and it also recently got a movie cut on iWant TFC).

But aside from Belle’s fast-rising acting career, she is also a talented singer. Unbeknownst to some, Belle Mariano is a great singer, as in her vocals are no joke. And as she is starting to dominate the world of acting, Belle is set to dominate the world of music with her upcoming debut album.


Recently, it was announced that Belle would be dropping her anticipated debut album this year. Titled Daylight, the album is set to be released on Friday, December 3, 2021. It will be composed of seven songs, five in English and two in Filipino. Her debut album has been described as light and a relatable listen to her generation. “It’s going to be light and I feel that a lot from my generation can relate to this, especially the lyrics. Once marinig niyo siya, talagang makaka-relate kayo. Good vibes lang yung album,” said Belle.

Daylight will be in the dream pop–alternative genre and will feature a varied group of composers who worked on the songs. It will also be a showcase of Belle’s light, sweet, and dreamy vocals. If you want to get a taste of Belle’s feel-good album, Star Music will be uploading teasers of every song on their YouTube channel until November 24. Some of the songs you can expect on the album include Tanging Dahilan, With You, and Rainy Days. Of course, you aren’t obliged to listen to the teasers if you don’t want yourself spoiled.


While some people may dismiss actors who release their own music as just how the industry works, Belle Mariano has real talent behind her musical ambitions. The young star has been singing since she was young and even knows how to play the guitar. If you follow Belle on kumu, then you know that she also likes to do song covers on her live streams. She has said in the past that she would like to release her own music so this is a major career move for her.

So far, Belle has released a couple of singles with her most popular being Sigurado. It was featured in the soundtrack for He’s Into Her and to date, has over 11.5 million streams on Spotify and 5.7 million views on YouTube for its music video. Belle Mariano already has a hit single in her hands and her debut album is looking to further her status as a music star. Even as far back as when He’s Into Her first aired, many people were asking for a Belle Mariano solo album. And it’s clear that many people are waiting in anticipation for it as the announcement quickly topped the trending charts on Twitter.

As we patiently wait for Daylight to finally drop, here are some of Belle Mariano’s best performances that prove she’s ready for this moment.  








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