Belle Mariano Is Making These Beauty Trends Her Signature Look

Just some of the beauty trends Belle Mariano's been constantly nailing.

Belle Mariano’s face card never declines.

Belle Mariano’s proven herself time and time again, not only as an actress, but also as a singer. Still don’t believe us? Her newest single Rise is pretty much her most subtle clapback to the haters in her album, Daylight. As she sung her heart out in the MV, we couldn’t help but notice some of Belle’s favorite beauty trends that are slowly becoming her signature look. From her wispy bangs to her peachy blush, here are some looks you can copy from Gen Z’s newest It-girl.

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Belle Mariano’s been sporting wispy bangs for some time now. Aside from big, blown out curls, this hairstyle suits her the best because it frames her face. Sure, they can get quite annoying since it has a tendency to poke the eyes, but that’s what we do for beauty anyways, right? They don’t call it tiis ganda for nothing.


Belle’s highlights never fail to blind us—in the best way, of course. It’s also a go-to trick if you want to achieve the glass skin look without worrying too much about looking like a glazed donut.


It’s about time we embrace our cheeks. While contouring mostly dominated the beauty world, Belle Mariano decided to make the blush a part of her signature look, highlighting her amazing bone structure.


Well-groomed brows will always make or break any look. In Belle’s case, we can tell it’s one of her makeup artists’s non-negotiables given she was blessed with bushy brows.


Gorgeous, gorgeous girls wear ✨lip gloss.✨ Like Belle, try overlining your lips a bit using a lip liner one or two shades darker than your natural color, and top it off with gloss.

You can watch Belle Mariano’s MV for Rise below:

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