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Bella Poarch Leads The Robot Revolution In The Absolute Banger Of Her New Song, ‘Dolls’

Don't mess with the dolls.

This is your quarterly reminder that you shouldn’t sleep on Bella Poarch’s music career as seen in her new song Dolls and its music video.

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When Bella Poarch signaled that she was ready to pursue a music career in 2021, she understandably had her doubters. Longtime fans knew that Bella could belt and carry and tune. But the transition between social media star to musician for past acts was mixed at best. When she dropped Build A B*tch though, she delivered a top tier bop and a quality music video. Most of all, she proved that she was taking her music career seriously. Following that up with INFERNO a few months later, Bella Poarch’s music career was one of the best surprises of 2021. And this 2022, Bella is back and ready to drop more music. And clearly, the Pinay social media superstar has not lost her touch with the release of her new song Dolls that combines addicting pop beats, whimsy, a powerful message, and a music video that screams production value.


Released on July 15, Dolls is a pop/EDM song in the same vein as her past two releases. The track features Bella singing rather understatedly in the verses and pre-chorus, almost embodying the doll at the center of the song. But then when it reaches the chorus, that is when the beat drops in a moment that is satisfying to the ears. The single also revolves around an empowering message like with her past songs. It centers on revenge as the persona of the song fights backs against those who preserve her to be weak. As the lyrics say, “even dolls kill and you shouldn’t underestimate people who look weak, small, or timid, because they can fight back.”


This idea of taking the power back against an oppressor is expanded upon in its wild music video. Set in the BPCU (Bella Poarch Cinematic Universe), the Dolls MV begins where Build a B*tch left off. Directed by Andrew Donoho, the same director behind Build a B*tch, we first find Bella mourning over her fellow fembot, played once more by Valkyrae, after their escape from the factory that built them. Later on, Bella walks up, ready to take the fight to evil corporation that made people like her. She frees a group of women from a Match Made van and store before taking their anger to the Match Made HQ.

With a new “Sucker Punch” bionic arm and a gaggle of pissed off women robots in tow, they storm the HQ. Bella makes it to the CEO, who is played by YouTuber Dream. But before Bella can get to him, she is stopped by a robot played by Grimes, because that makes absolute sense. If you are wondering, the two are friends in real life so it wasn’t hard for Bella to convince Grimes to do the role. The two duke it out in a fight (Bella actually got hurt in this scene) with the Grimes bot throws the Bella bot by the wall.

There, Grimes’ character sees through a bunch of TVs that her fellow robots are being rounded up. This causes her to realize that she is actually one of them and should be fighting alongside Bella, not against her. The video then ends, unsure whether or not the girls were able to get their revenge on the Match Made CEO.


Like with her past videos, the Dolls music video features a who’s who of Bella’s famous friends. There’s Chloe Cherry and Madison Beer who play uprising robots. Larray and Sykkuno play employees of Match Made while Bretman Rock makes a quick cameo as a bystander, iconic scream included. Bella Poarch has always given effort when it comes to her music videos. And Dolls is no exception to that. You can tell that she and her collaborators thought long and hard about the music video.

It’s an over-the-top video in the best way possible with an empowering message that has Bella channel her inner bad-ass, raring and ready to fight back. The video, standout fight scenes included, is a serve from start to finish with a concept and story that’s well told and executed. Bella Poarch really is raising the standard for social media stars become serious musicians.

If Bella will give us a part three to this storyline, we don’t know. But at least, Dolls serves as the opening salvo for her debut EP of the same name that is set to drop this August. The six-track EP will feature three brand new songs, Villain, No Man’s Land (featuring Grimes), and Living Hell. The latter in particular has gotten our attention as Bella has described the track as a karaoke song for her Filipino fans where she gets to flex her vocal skills more. If her past released are anything like her long-awaited debut EP, then Dolls may just be one for the books.

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