Beauty Goes Sci-Fi Futuristic at the NYLON Manila Year 3000 Party

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From Lady Morgana to Maxine Trinidad, the NYLON Manila Year 3000 Party is no ordinary event – it’s a vision of the future, where the boundaries of beauty are pushed to their limits.

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When everyone else dreams of flying cars, teleportation, and that microwavable pizza from Back to the Future in the Year 3000, beauty girlies are anticipating the futuristic makeup trends that will dominate the scene. And NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Halloween Party was nothing short of a spectacular glimpse into the future of beauty. With a theme that revolved around space, sci-fi, and the Year 3000, hundreds of stars gathered in their freakishly futuristic makeup looks.

Step into a world where metallic hues, holographic textures, and avant-garde makeup take center stage. From Lady Morgana to Skye Chua, these makeup moments are a vision of the next generation, where the boundaries of beauty are pushed to their limits.

AJ of G22

There is one thing that stylish people will agree on: accessories are stunning additions that will transform any look from basic to best-dressed. But, what if we’re talking more than typical necklaces and earrings? If we were taking it to the next level, we could have taken notes from AJ of G22 who brought a lip ring into the mix, embodying the edgy future of beauty. This subtle yet striking accessory added an element of rebellion to the otherwise otherworldly and ethereal looks at the party.

Jamie Casiño

While warm-toned bronzy eyes were the trend in the noughties and 2010s, Jamie Casiño shows us that frosted eyeshadow is the look of the future. Channeling her inner Christina Aguilera, this model and content creator complements the style with two-toned hair, reimagining trends and the new era of modern makeup looks.


Who said that aliens were green? Coming in an all-pink ensemble matched with an all-pink hairstyle and makeup look, this alien-inspired look of Janio just disagreed with the sentiment. Merging the worlds of sci-fi and style, pink was the new intergalactic beauty look in this futuristic vision.

KZ Tandingan

Whether it’s with streaks, two-tones, or a full head of hair, blue hair is the biggest bet of the season. Like, look at singer-songwriter KZ Tandingan, who sported a bold hairdo as a testament to the audacity of futuristic style.

Lady Morgana

Described as a fusion between babaeng ahas and a disco ball, Lady Morgana’s look exudes a sense of extravagant futurism. Imagine villains in the future looking like this? Especially when the look is matched with a smokey glam, we would probably surrender and ask for beauty tips and tricks instead.

Maxine Trinidad

With green highlights that were perfectly paired with neon eyeliner, Maxine Trinidad’s entire look channels the bold energy of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. It’s a look so powerful that even Mojo Jojo might need to step aside and make way for this makeup moment.

Minty Fresh

Dusting down the mullet (aka hockey hair) and matching it with a bold makeup look, Minty Fresh is manifesting rockstar realness in the Year 3000. The fusion of a classic hairstyle with futuristic makeup creates a perfect balance between the past and the future that will never fade out of style.

Pau Pelaez

After the Euphoria Effect, we’ve witnessed a multitude of ‘extra’ eye makeup trends emerging this year. Colorful eyeliner and mascara? Been there. Glitters in your hair? Done that. And now, rhinestones, pearls, and crystals on top? Take a look at Pau Pelaez, who’s proving that these embellishments are not just a passing trend, but they’re here to stay.

Zoe Vinuluan

Zoe Vinluan’s silver clips, meticulously scattered throughout her hair, is a trend that we’re all loving this season. We hope this hairstyle endures because it captures the essence of a world where even the smallest details matter when it comes to beauty.

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