Andrea Brillantes And Ricci Rivero Experience Hell In Paradise In Their First Project Together

Trouble in paradise.

It really was only a matter of time before we saw Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero work together. And it just so happens to be a music video where the couple breaks up.

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While Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero may be known for two opposite fields, they share a bit of connection, aside from their love of each other, of course. They’re both actors, or at least, Ricci has tried his hand at acting before. (He currently has a few credits to his name, such as Kim in Happy Times and Dindo in Otlum.) Given that, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that the two stars could work together on a project. And that day finally came with their starring role in SV Squad’s Sayang Tayo music video.


Local hip-hop group SV Squad’s new song, Sayang Tayo, is a vibey number about a relationship wasted. In over five minutes, the group lay out for a love that could have been, but just couldn’t work out in the end. The beats and bars build a story of doomed love and the feeling you get realizing the time spent on something that could have been more. The song hurts, but it speaks the truth. It’s an anthem for all the “status: it’s complicated couples” out there and one that is brought to life by Blythe and Ricci for its music video.

While the nearly eight-minute short film is set in a beach resort, the love on display is anything but paradise. Almost immediately, we see the couple they play is going through tough times, ignoring each other even though they share the same room. While they went to the resort to fix their issues, it’s clear that they are past the point of return with their disagreements being too severe to mend.

By the end of the video, they break up, but at least they did it at a nice place. Even though Blythe and Ricci are still going strong, they play a couple on the verge of a breakup pretty well. They even have a pretty intense scene near the end that lays all their feelings out. Is this a sign that we’re getting a Blythe and Ricci movie or teleserye soon? They have the potential. Let’s just hope that next time, they don’t play a couple breaking up.

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