Andrea Beldua

A Glimpse Of Imagination: Through The Lenses Of Andrea Beldua 

You see her name in all the credits.

Creativity knows no bounds, and craft ignites the senses and imaginations, something Andrea Beldua is here for.

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With her signature pink bob and flair for capturing beauty in its most flamboyant forms, Andrea Beldua has made a name for herself as one of the go-to Filipino photographers. But more than just being the maestro of some of our favorite imagery, Andrea’s journey from a college photojournalist to a celebrated fashion photographer is a testament to her passion, dedication, and radical creativity. As we celebrate Women’s Month, we delve into the story of a remarkable talent whose vision transcends and celebrates femininity in the power of storytelling through imagery.


Like with many good stories, Andrea’s starts with her love for fashion. “I started out in photojournalism in college, but it was my inherent love of fashion and all things beautiful that led me here.” Since graduating in 2015, photography hasn’t just been her career or 9-to-5—it’s been her life. “I’m lucky to be able to say I’ve never done anything else!”, Andrea proudly proclaims. For her, the transition from taking her OOTDs to capturing the essence of other women was a pivotal moment. “I wanted to build my vision and concepts purely from behind the camera,” she explains, driven by the desire to explore beauty beyond her reflection. 



Ask her where her inspiration comes from, and she’ll tell you about her obsession with the human form, faces, movement, and stories. “My photos are always a translation of all the little details that I see in my head.” Beauty, in its different forms, fuels her creativity, turning each shoot into a narrative waiting to be told. 


There’s no doubt that Andrea is one of the top photographers in the game, but even she isn’t immune to the challenges of the industry, especially as a female photographer in the Philippines. Hurdles abound, often stemming from internal doubts magnified by societal expectations. “Sometimes I feel like I have to prove myself as an artist to be taken seriously,” she admits. Yet, these roadblocks only strengthen her resolve to stand firm in her identity and artistry.



In the local creative industry, female photographers in the Philippines are continuing to take up space and make a name for themselves, and Andrea is at the forefront of this transformation. “There are so many talented female photographers even younger than I am,” she voices, hopeful for a future where gender no longer dictates one’s place in the art world. In a testament to her craft, not only has she captured local audiences, but she has also caught the eye of international platforms. 

When describing her visual style, words like glamorous, feminine, camp, and colorful come as the core. Her work celebrates life’s vibrancy, a kaleidoscope that dances through every frame. A feature in Italy’s Pap magazine for a shoot titled “Tales of Filipino Folklore” is among her proudest achievements, showcasing Philippine culture to the world. And if you’re wondering, among the many, many famous faces and muses that have been the star of her lens, Catriona Gray stands out. In particular, she points to their shoot at the Manila Metropolitan Theater, which lives rent-free in her mind. “It was not just a shoot; it was a moment,” she reminisces, highlighting the fusion of Filipino culture, elegance, and storytelling.


As the local industry, and society in general, continues to make strides in diversity and acceptance, so too are we seeing women take centerstage in spaces that historically excluded or sidelined them. Andrea, with her stellar work that captures what it’s like to be a feisty woman today, is part of a generation of compelling female photographers championing diversity and storytelling through the Filipina gaze. And as she sees it, this is just the start for other female photographers. 



Her advice to women starting in the industry? “Don’t be afraid to take up space and be your authentic self.” Her journey and words are a beacon for aspiring artists, encouraging them to carve their niche with confidence and grace. In the ever-evolving world of fashion photography, she continues to redefine beauty, capturing not just images but stories, emotions, and moments that linger long after the flash has faded. Andrea is a reminder that art is not just seen; it is felt, and behind every photograph is a heart that beats with passion and a vision that seeks to explore the unexplored, and most importantly–break boundaries. 

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