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These Are The Filipino Female Photographers Who Brought NYLON Manila’s Covers to Life

We've said it once and we'll say it again: Female visionaries are pivotal in the creative industry.

The female gaze is often taken for granted, but not for these amazing women who’ve lensed these covers of NYLON Manila.

In a field mostly dominated by men, it’s easy to be talked down upon, get mansplained and be called “lady shooters” for no absolute reason once they see the sight of a woman holding a camera. But we are living in the ever-evolving current age, and this is a culture that’s no longer acceptable. The female gaze, as what it’s been called, is the representation that most people need and don’t even realize it.

There’s a certain intimacy and vulnerability in what female visionaries see through their lens, and it’s been an honor for the NYLON Manila team to work with them. Ever since, these female photographers have always been at the top of our minds, and we are still on the lookout for more.

“In the latest release, it was a non-negotiable to work with brilliant Filipino female photographers. It isn’t lost that with a creative anchored on all sorts of joy, we were extremely happy not only with how the images of Andrea and Shaira, as well as of Aya and Cru turned out, but by being in their company, too.”

Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, NYLON Manila’s Editor-in-Chief

“Ever since the beginning, we always made sure that our stories, the visual included, are told from the unmatched and unique point-of-view of Filipino creatives,” adds NYLON Manila Editor-in-Chief, Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena.

Read on to see why these artists are pivotal in the creative industry.

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Aya Cabauatan is the youngest photographer that NYLON Manila has ever worked with. Her point-of-view is whimsical, curious and often full of hope. Even after being in the industry for a few years now, Aya just graduated from Ateneo a year ago. Absolute goals.


Welcome to the colorful world of Cru Camara. After studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, she has since established herself as a photographer who transforms still-life images into a vision that’s evocative and otherworldly. Seeing her images can be likened to looking through a kaleidoscope.


inigo pascual outfit photoshoot nylon cover

You can always rely on Shaira Luna for nostalgia and visuals that often looks straight out of a memory. Her eye for storytelling is one that’s often unmistakeable, a gift that the female photographer has been known for since the very beginning. Shaira also styles and directs music videos like her work with IV of Spades.


Andrea Beldua’s hyper-feminine perspective never fails to surprise us. On her social media, she also shares how there’s always an “accidental renaissance” moment in her photographs, alluding to her background in the visual arts. The warmth in Andrea’s photos made her one of the most-sought after photographers by muses like Sarah Lahbati, Kylie Verzosa, and some of the Miss Universe queens.