AC Bonifacio BTS NYLON COver

Watch AC Bonifacio Unleash Her Inner Disco Diva For Her NYLON Manila Cover Shoot

Pop star realness.

Go behind the scenes and see how AC Bonifacio channels her disco goddess for her NYLON Manila cover in this video series.

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When you’re young, you are often told to dream big, have ambitions, and shoot for the stars. Whether or not you achieve those dreams is another conversation, but what’s important is that you establish those dreams and goals in your life. For AC Bonifacio, not only did she dream big, but she is achieving those dreams as well.

Ever since she was a young girl, AC has been making a name for herself as a top tier dancer worthy of the global stage. Following her memorable guesting on the Ellen show, her star has only risen ever since.

AC-Bonifacio NYLON Manila Cover

Today, AC Bonifacio is considered one of the brightest talents of her generation who can dance, sing, and act. She has garnered millions of fans around the world, and that includes the likes of K-pop idols. And to think, the first ever dance competition she joined in Canada was one she lost. But she dusted herself off and made, or more appropriately danced her way to the top of the podium. And speaking of dancing, whenever AC busts a move, you know her groove and energy is always going to be on point to what the vibe is.

Just look at her looks for her NYLON Manila cover shoot where she turns back the clock with the 70s disco and pop star-inspired aesthetic. From bold eye shadows to fits that would be the attention of the party, AC brought the glitter, shine, sparkle, and glam to her cover shoot. Want to know how it all went down? Then check out this video series documenting the shoot.

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