8 Things You Need To Know About The Big Bad Wolf 2021 Online Book Sale

The Big Bad Wolf book sale is finally here, and it's the biggest one yet.

Here are some of the things that you need to know before you shop in the 2021 edition of Big Bad Wolf, the world’s biggest book sale.

Out of all the activities that people took up over the past year, from baking to growing plants, few activities proved to be as fulfilling as reading a good book. Despite what some people may say, the art of reading a book is still very much alive and there’s little that can beat the feeling of grabbing a good book and devouring it within days or even hours. Reading can be just as enjoyable or even life-changing as any other activity.

The pandemic, however, has made it hard for bookworms to travel to a bookstore or hole-in-the-wall stores to find their next favorite read. However, that won’t stop the world’s biggest book sale, Big Bad Wolf, though from happening. And this year, they’re going online for the very first time. With a collection of around 60,000 books and discounts as high as 99%, here are 8 things you need to know about the Big Bad Wolf 2021 online book sale.

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Big Bad Wolf is going online this year

The Big Bad Wolf book sale has been going on now for the past three years in the Philippines, the most recent one being held in February 2020. It has attracted thousands of book lovers from around the country to Pasay City for its annual week-long sale. Because physical events are currently on hold because of the pandemic, the entire sale is now moving online to their new e-commerce shop. And the best part is that the sale is available in the entire country, you can buy a book online in the Big Bad Wolf sale no matter where you are in the Philippines.

It’s 16 days long

The sale will run from June 30, Wednesday, at 12 AM to July 15, Monday, 11:59 PM.

There’s a huge collection available

There will be over 60,000 books you can choose from in the sale. That is around triple of what normally would be available in years past. There will also be around 20,000 new books being available for the first time on the Big Bad Wolf sale, which will be located in the New Arrivals section. Whether you’re looking for a bestselling novel, a cookbook, a self-help book, memoirs, YA, fashion, graphic novels, science fiction, horror, romance, business books, design books, and many more, Big Bad Wolf will probably have it. The sale will even have a collection of children’s books such as picture books and coloring books.

There are different ways to search for a book

Perusing through 60,000 books may be daunting and overwhelming for some people, so Big Bad Wolf has added some ways to make your shopping experience more convenient. You can search for a book by genre, title, author, even ISBN number. You can also input keywords to help narrow down your search. If you find something you like but aren’t ready to check out, you can add it to your wish list or add it to your cart. The website will also have a recommendations section based on your interests.

Big Bad Wolf is offering deals galore

Most of the books you’re going to find in the sale are going to be cheap, as in up to 99% off cheap. Big Bad Wolf is also offering a multitude of deals and steals to make your shopping that much better. If you spend at least 2900 pesos on a single purchase, you get free shipping anywhere in the country. This also isn’t a one-time thing so you can keep on availing of the free shipping every time you hit that mark. Spend a minimum of 1800 pesos and you can get access to a selection of books that cost only 10 pesos.

You can also input codes during your check out to receive a discount. Input BBWPH5% to get 5% off for a minimum receipt of 1200 pesos. Input BBWPH10% for a 10% off for a minimum receipt of 5000 pesos. These codes can only be used once. Other deals include: buy any three books from the Goosebumps Books collections for 320 pesos. (valid for selected Goosebumps book title collection only). Buy any three books from the Rick Riordan collection for 460 pesos. (pay for two books and get the third book for free, which is of the lower price value).

There are multiple ways to pay

Once you reach checkout, there are different ways that you can pay. You can pay via BDO Online Banking, GCash, GrabPay, Dragonpay, and other online payment options. The Big Bad Wolf sale won’t be accepting payments via cash on delivery.

Shipping may take a while

While you may get excited to get your hands on new books, don’t expect to get them immediately. All the books will be coming from Malaysia, hence the bigger collection. But that also means shipping will take a while, around 18-24 business days. The good news is that you only have to pay for local courier fees, not for international shipping.

There’s an online contest

Aside from the sale itself, Big Bad Wolf will also be having The Grand Wolfie Contest on social media where potential winners can win things like e-gift cards to the grand prize of an Apple iPhone 12 and Apple MacBook Air. The contest will run from June 21, 2021, to July 6, 2021. Check out the full details here.

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