7 million filipino voters have been deleted

100 Days Left: 7 Million Voters Have Been Removed From The Polls. Are You One Of Them?

With 100 days left, make sure your voter status is still active.

Unsure if your voter status is still active or not? Here is how you can check to make sure you’re eligible to participate in the 2022 elections.

Just recently, COMELEC announced that the number of Filipinos registered to vote in the 2022 elections reached 60 million. They also said that they surpassed their goal of registering 4 million new voters for the 2022 elections. But while 60 million may seem like a lot, that is 2 million short of COMELEC’s goal of having 62 million registered voters by 2022. It also means that there are still 13 million eligible Filipinos who have not yet registered.

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Voter Re-registration

More importantly, those 13 million include some 7 million people who were removed from the rolls after the 2019 elections. Under the Voter’s Registration Act, a voter’s registration may be deactivated if the person fails to cast his ballot in two successive regular elections. That is what happened following the 2019 midterm elections. According to COMELEC, only around 500,000 of those who were deactivated re-registered as of June.

The stakes couldn’t be higher as there are, as of this writing, only 100 days left before registration for the 2022 elections ends. If you are unsure about your status, go to your nearest COMELEC office to inquire about your status. You can also contact these numbers: (02) 8527 1896, (02) 8527 9365, (02) 8567 4431, (02) 8526 7769. You can also check COMELEC’s NCR Directory, Regional Directory, and Municipal/City Directory.

If you aren’t registered yet, you can start by filling out the forms here. You can also use COMELEC’s newly launched voter registration app on Andriod.

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