Zack Tabudlo Is A Whole Mood With His New Single ‘Ako Nalang Kasi’

Seen and heard.

In an exclusive interview with NYLON Manila, Zack Tabudlo shares all about the feels behind new single Ako Nalang Kasi.

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While we’re still obsessing over his collab with Al James, singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo is leading listeners down memory lane with new single, Ako Nalang Kasi. The track pays tribute to his artistic beginnings with a sound that resonates with Binibini, Nangangamba, and Yakap. And it also has us going, same.

Ako Nalang Kasi reveals a heartfelt narrative of falling for someone who doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend. It captures the sentiment of a person yearning for that special someone to acknowledge their intentions and presence. TBH, we’ve all been there with that delulu love moment. We recently got the chance to sit down with the OPM star as he shares the feels, nostalgia, and story behind his nearly six-minute ode to unrequited love.

What’s the story behind your new single Ako Nalang Kasi?

I just finished Ako Nalang Kasi last week. I was revisiting my old sound, recalling Nangangamba and all the earlier tracks that went viral. I was also returning to my previous songwriting style. Also, I’m going through an ‘ako na lang kasi’ phase where I have feelings for someone, and I’m trying to incorporate those emotions into the song.

You mentioned recalling your old sound, what do you think changed through the years?

There has been significant growth in terms of my music. Over time, I’ve explored different genres. For example, my last track was with Al James, and it had a pop sound. I’ve also released an album that’s more funky, it was called For All. I think many changes have happened because I’ve been maturing— I wanted to be more vulnerable in my music. Right now, with Ako Nalang Kasi, I find myself moving back-and-forth with new sounds and the songwriting style I had before.

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Describe the person that inspired Ako Nalang Kasi?

I don’t think there’s a specific person. Actually, I can’t say. Still, I feel like the track goes for everyone talaga that likes someone na hindi ka nakikita. I’m kind of in that perspective na nandito ako and bakit hindi ako nakikita— ako na lang kasi. Wait, sige na nga. I guess, she’s very admirable.

What was your favorite lyric and why?

It was a reference back to my second song, Binibini. It goes, ‘binibini ikaw ba ang isasayaw sa gitna ng ulan? Matagal ko na kasing hinahanap ‘yan.’ Anyway, I think it’s cool.

Were there any memorable moments from behind the scenes while working on the track?

It was a nostalgic experience, to say the least— returning with these elements. When I created the track, I dived deep into the old material and how I wrote my previous tracks. There were subtle effects reminiscent of my guitar playing in Nangangamba and songs from the Episode album.

Tell us more about the track’s visual concept.

Even the album art goes back with how I created the first batch. We went with the very first artist who made Binibini and Nangangamba– Chris Costello. All of these album artworks were created by this close friend of mine. Given that we’re all about the style, it felt right to reconnect with him as well.

Should fans anticipate a music video accompanying Ako Nalang Kasi?

Absolutely. I can’t reveal much, but a clue would be ‘going back.’

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