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Yeri’s Belt In Queendom Is Enough To Buy 9 Red Velvet Dr. Martens Boots

That's the price you have to pay when you're a queen.

Yeri in a Chanel belt? Queen things only.

The reigning queens of K-Pop, Red Velvet, makes a comeback with Queendom. It was a slayage of looks for their first MV in this era, not to mention the empowering feeling after watching, whether you’re a fan or not. There was no shortage of mind-blowing visuals, an amazing storyline, and definitely, Red Velvet winning the fashion department with countless outfits for each of the girls.

red velvet yeri fashion belt queendom
Yeris buckle belt from Chanel on Queendom

We’re still not over this baddie look by Yeri on the Queendom music video. Sure, the Juicy Couture tie-dye top is cute, but the gold buckle belt from Chanel takes the cake. The price though? It’s a tag that had a jaw-dropping value of $900. Considering that Chanel’s already a luxury brand, Yeri made it look more expensive when she wore it on Queendom. NGL, the buckle belt can already buy you at least 9 good pairs of red velvet boots from Dr. Martens. Not that you need that much, but that’s how Yeri’s belt costs when you scale it down. How?!

See Yeri’s glorious Chanel belt below in the Queendom MV by Red Velvet:

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