Seulgi’s Corset On Queendom Is Enough To Buy 7 Red Velvet Juicy Couture Tracksuits

The queen has spoken.

A total baddie, Seulgi’s corset on Red Velvet’s Queendom MV took us by surprise when we found out how much it costs.

The Queen will always be the most powerful piece in a chess set, you know, as proven by many masters since time immemorial and yes, even K-pop girl group Red Velvet. Making their long-awaited comeback, they didn’t just drop an album, but the first MV from this new era of royalty, too. Queendom fully seals Red Velvet’s name in the K-Pop world as it’s already breaking the charts as we speak. Hooking us from their Psycho era, now return to the scene as the queens that they are. From visuals, to beauty looks, and of course, fashion, here’s why Red Velvet’s been killing their comeback.

area corset red velvet corset fashion queendom seulgi
Crystal stitch corset from AREA NYC

When fans asked for looks, Seulgi delivered. The main dancer and lead vocalist of Red Velvet really said, “ask and you shall receive!” On the Queendom MV, she blessed us with this edgy-meets-royalty look. In a crystal stitched corset by New York’s newest fashion cult favorite, AREA NYC, Seulgi made us want to bow down on our knees. The corse,t which is sold on the brand’s website costs $780 or about P39,496.86. WTF?! That’s enough to buy at least 7 red velvet tracksuits from Juicy Couture, which costs at least $100 each. Well, it’s not easy being a queen and Seulgi proves it.

You can spot Seulgi in the crystal corset by AREA NYC in Queendom by Red Velvet below:

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